Tuesday, April 1

What's Up?

Well, what's been happening the last week? Not much, I guess. Last Wednesday I got a promotion and pay raise. I am now a Clinical Supervisor in the NICU. Pretty much what that means is I continue doing what I've always been doing in the NICU and get handed more responsibility (i.e. help with staff evaluations, paperwork, etc.) Still, who doesn't like a new title? Several nurses and I have been working on the NICU Reunion (it's on April 19th). For those who don't know what that is--Every year at work we have this great big blow-out party for all the kids/babies who have "graduated" from the NICU. It is a great time and it is so much fun to see how all of "our babies" have grown. It is as much for the staff as it is for the babies and their families. We have some families that come each and every year and it is so great to see how their preemie is growing and thriving. Last year 300 people attended! We also have a special theme each year (2 years ago it was "under the sea", last year "barnyard") This year the theme is Safari and we are having so much fun with it. We are going to start working on the decorations in the next week (we have alot to do) and then keep going steady until the big day! We just got the 400 invitations assembled, envelopes stuffed and hand addressed, and mailed last week. So they should be arriving post-haste!

Other than that stuff not too much going on. Adreyn is happy to be back in school and got a good 6 week report card. Tristan is still obsessed with Pokemon--his birthday is in a couple of months and guess what kind of party we are having--Pokemon, of course. The problem is that I have no clue about Pokemon or what it's about or anything. I'm totally clueless--I had no idea it was even still around but apparently it is--just search it on ebay--thousands and thousands of things! Anyway--enough of that. Rehanyn is just herself--getting into trouble numerous times a day. She is a little smart mouth (wonder where she gets that from :-)). The most hilarious thing is she smarts off, then gets in trouble, and then gets this horribly wounded look on her face when she gets in trouble--it make me want to laugh so much!
Things are pretty much status quo for Jason and me. My next post will be a short one about the cake I made this weekend.