Monday, June 28

It's done!!!!

Well, the NICU Reunion was Saturday. It was great fun and wonderful to see all the NICU graduates! We had 400 or so again. We spend about 60 hours decorating (in total) and it turned out great...but I forgot to take pictures of it so I am waiting for my friends to send their pictures to me. Then I'll post them :-) What was kinda sad is that all the decorating that took so long to do...well, it came down in about an hour. Anyway, we had a great time and I got to see some of "my" babies that I hadn't seen in a while...they are getting soooo big!!!!

Friday, June 25

NICU Reunion cakes...preview

Here are the pink "towers" for the "castle" cake...I have purple ones too

The top 2 cake layers for castle cake

The bottom layer of castle cake

The pirate ship cake right after I finished it

The pirate cake about 14 hours after I finished it

and tonight another piece fell the pirate ship cake is now going to be cake ball cannon balls...oh well, I tried :-) It was cute while it stayed together!

oh, now it's just cake cannons...can't get the candy coating black :-)

Wednesday, June 23

getting stuff done!!!!

I have 9 cake layers done...I've just got to stack them into their final form (heehee) and then decorate them...but I'm gonna do that tomorrow. Be thinking of me as I "sculpt" a pirate ship out of 5 stacked layers of cake...hopefully that goes well

I got all the laundry washed, dried, folded and almost completely put away ***thanks to Adreyn for all her help!!!

For dinner tonight I made homemade noodles and was soooo good!

Tonight I've been researching different methods of sculpting that pirate ship cake...I think it should go pretty smoothly...I hope!

The other layers are gonna be a "castle" cake...nothing really dramatic...lots of pink and purple with edible glitter...I'm gonna use iced sugar cones with edible glitter for the towers. I think it will be pretty cute!

Let's see.....


I enjoyed the last week of my "staycation" from work...I had a birthday (I'm 36...old!!!!)...I spent some time at work for the Reunion....had a birthday party for Tristan...made Tristan's birthday cake....made monkey cupcakes...made a baby shower cake. I enjoyed my time off!

This week I started it off by working, Sunday morning for father's day I made chocolate chip pancakes for the kids and biscuits and sausage gravy for Jason and I, then Monday I spent recouping from work :-) Jason made me a great dinner monday (nothing really exciting but I really appreciated that he cooked for me).

Tuesday I ran some errands to get supplies to make the cakes for the NICU Reunion. I bought 20 cake mixes, 2 large cans of Crisco, a large bottle of oil, 8 pkg of powdered sugar. I then came home (I had taken the kids out with me) and made 2 cakes...and in the process used the last eggs I had in the house...SO frustrating!!! So...all I got made today was the 2 cakes. at 5 pm I went up to work and several of us spent about 6 hours working on more Reunion stuff...we got lots of the big stuff put together. Hopefully, this will make Thursday and Friday go easily...

Today...(Wednesday) I will be spending the day making cakes (after I sleep soon) I did get to the store and bought eggs on the way home this evening :-)

Friday, June 11


Mostly a good day...other than the kids being "bored"...I mean, really, yesterday was the last day of school and you are already bored??? We have many more boring days to go then :-).

Tristan told me this today: "I am 7 years old and all grown up, so I get to do whatever I want". Well I called Adreyn over and asked her if she gets to do whatever she wants...she said "NO" and I gently *laughing* explained to Tristan that life doesn't work that way. Oh the way kids think :-)

Tristan spent quite a bit of time today playing with his new DS...he really did well...there is ALOT of reading involved along with some fine motor skills so I think it will help keep some of his skills up.

Instead of having the kids take naps today I decided that they all had to read quietly. (Adreyn's already been doing this...except for sundays) Tristan and Rehanyn actually did really well and seemed to enjoy themselves...and I enjoyed the quiet time. Hopefully this will continue to work over the summer.

We had beef and noodles tonight...or as Tristan and Adreyn say "b'noodles" or as Ree says "white b'noodles" I'm not sure why exactly she makes the color distinction :-)

I'm thinking we may be having chicken and dumplings tomorrow...sounds sooooo yummy!!!!

Ok, that's it...they're all in bed, Jason is inputting his work from today and I'm gonna go read a book. Ta-Ta for now!!!!!

Thursday, June 10

Tristan's Birthday

We took the kids to RainForest Cafe for Tristan's birthday. They loved it! They were surprised when the gorillas and elephants started moving but then couldn't wait until they moved again. They also loved the rainfall wall and the HUGE fishtanks. Our table was right next to a fishtank and that kept Tristan enthralled throughout the meal :-)

We also got the kids balloon animals while we were there.
Tristan got a tree frog...

Adreyn got a giraffe

Rehanyn got a ladybug

Here's some pics of him opening presents

This was his big gift: a Nintendo DS and a Pokemon game

A Pokemon book and a Bakugan book

Today was also the last day of school so all the kids are a bit overtired.

I wasn't a good mommy today and didn't make a cake for Tristan...I did make the cookies though. He will get a cake for his birthday party next Thursday... :-)

Pokemon cookies!!!!

Today is Tristan's 7th Birthday!!

He is still completely into Pokemon...This is the second Pokemon themed birthday in a row :-)

I made some Pokemon Pokeball cookies for Tristan to take to class today.

Here's a picture of a pokeball:

Here's pics of his cookies...not too bad if I say so myself :-)

I'll post more birthday stuff today but right now...I'm gonna go to bed :-)

Tuesday, June 8

NICU Reunion...progress

Several of us from work (Me, Roxie, Tas, Jen R, and Melissa) have spent 2 days getting the treasure map made for the is about 10x12 feet but turned out really well, I think!

Here are the different areas of the map...

Monday, June 7

Wanissa's baby shower cake

My friend Wanissa is pregnant (for about 4 more days) with a little girl they've named
Ryleigh Ann.
We had a baby shower for her (at work) the other day and this is the cake I made.

Ryleigh is being born on Friday around 9:30 in the morning!!!
We can't wait to meet her!