Monday, April 21

Reunion Decorations

Here's the actual party room. In the distance you can see the cakes. The large grey thing to the right is a podium that is bolted to the floor so is unable to be moved--we made it into a rock. That's my friend and fellow party planner Jennifer working on the food table. She also made most of the vines that you see hanging from the ceiling (our friend Roxann did alot of them too.)
Here's some of our food being delivered. Apparently they didn't pay much attention to the food request because we got some food we didn't order and didn't get some that we ordered--Frustrating to say the least!!!!
Here's Lew--one of the nurses--at the registration table.
Here's my sweet girl Adreyn there to help mommy and daddy during the Reunion (Daddy was taking pictures)
Another picture of the food

Here's the "standee" corner. We put up a bamboo scene setter on the walls and then the lion and jeep were for the kids to play with and get pictures.
Here's another view of the party room. The trees were 2 columns we covered--they look good huh! Let me just say this room was packed with all the people who came
Heres a picture of the activity tables we had. There were lacing cards, rubbing plates, stickers, coloring pages, and stencils!

We had a great party! Of course we figured out a few things to change next year but overall it went very well!


Tamra said...

your room looked great. i'm responding to your comment on my blog. i'm excited that i actually did know how to spell their names. i just always doubt myself. Anyway, Catherine Joni, Emma Lorene and Rebekah Jane. Not sure what to do about having more littlies. Maybe we'll be in a different house and can do it all over again. =)