Wednesday, April 9

Rehanyn's ouchie

Monday Rehanyn had a bad day--Mommy accidently shut her fingers in the sliding glass door when I was on the way to work--talk about feeling like a horrible mommy!

Then Daddy called Mommy at work and then sent these pictures to her.

Apparently the kids were rough-housing and Rehanyn jumped on Adreyn's back and managed to put her tooth through her lip and caused a gaping hole. So I had Jason bring Rehanyn (and the other kids) up to the hospital so I could see it in person. I thought it could use a stitch so Daddy took Rehanyn (and Tristan) to the ER and Adreyn stayed with me. My mom was great and jumped in the car to come help Jason with the kids--of course by the time she got there the ER decided that the hole in Rehanyn's lip wasn't big enough to fix so everybody got to go home fairly quickly. Luckily it looks to be healing pretty well.


Tamra said...

poor baby. what a bad day. Hope it heals fast.