About Our Family

This is my youngest, Rehanyn, she's 7 and my goofy kid.  She is also the kid that God gave me in retribution for my parents always saying "one day I hope God gives you a kid just like you"

This is my oldest, Adreyn, she is 12 and no longer a girly girl...she hates pink and she loves to read.  She is also a wonderful help to her siblings. 

This is my little man, Tristan, he is 8.  He's a sweetheart.  He has a speech delay, and some motor skill delays.  I think he has Sensory Processing Disorder but he hasn't been diagnosed yet. He is a self-professed "math genius"!  LOL  He really is awesome at math!  He is the most adorable little guy and is making progress each day.

This is me, Tanya,  I'm in my 30's and happily married.  I like to cook but HATE to clean.  I love reading and my laptop, kindle, iphone, etc.  My husband says I have an electronics addiction.  I'm the nurse manager of a Newborn Nursery and Level III NICU.  I love taking care of my patients and their families.  I LOVE teeny-tiny babies!!!!! 

This is my husband, Jason.  He's a wonderful guy and he does an amazing job taking care of our family.