Saturday, April 19

Reunion Centerpiece cake

Here's the centerpiece cake

Here's the cakes all together
Here they are again
Here's a couple of the satellite cakes
Here's the other 2 satellite cakes
Apparently everyone enjoyed them as we had only a third of the bottom tier left when the party was over.

In a side note--we had the largest turnout in NICU Reunion history!
We had 400 people attend!

I'll post more pictures later--I'm really tired!!!

Jason did a great job taking all the family photos and Adreyn was a great helper for both mommy and daddy and for all the nurses!


Tamra said...

the cakes and your set up look really great. good job.

Anonymous said...

So glad you hadsuch a wonderful turnout! I'm sure it's because they come to see what you have done for cakes each year. SPECTACULAR JOB mom

Anonymous said...

The cakes look wonderful!!! Yummy! Sounds like a very nice reunion. WOW - 400 people!

wanissa said...

you did such an amazing job on the cakes. you are so talented. cant wait to see you next week.