Sunday, June 29

Our week in review

Okay, here goes. I worked last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I slept Monday for awhile and I believe I picked up Adreyn from my mom's house after VBS (I don't really remember much) :-) Then if I remember right I took Adreyn to her friend Devyn's house for a playdate. Tuesday--I think I took it easy--just did some laundry and took the video's of the kids. Adreyn was at VBS that day too and Rehanyn, Tristan and I picked her up. Thanks mom and dad for picking up Adreyn each morning and taking her to VBS! Adreyn had another VBS to go to that night! Wednesday I had a 7:30am meeting, a 9:30am meeting, then had to get my TB test and then picked up Adreyn from VBS on my way home. Jason dropped the kids off at moms house and I took Adreyn there so I could help mom with her blog page. Then we went home for naps. The kids got 1 1/2 hour naps--mommy got about 20 minutes :-( (Adreyn went to VBS again) Then I had a 5:30pm NICU Support Group meeting at work and after that was over I worked all night. Needless to say I was exhausted Thursday morning. However, I had a 7:30am meeting that morning (it was my impression that the meeting was to last about an hour) well, the meeting was 3 hours with a lawyer talking about labor relations and unions. We finally got out of there at 10:30am. Thankfully, mom picked Adreyn up from VBS and kept her until Uncle Phil and Aunt Tasha took her to her night time VBS. I got to sleep until 7:00pm and felt a bit better :-). I went to work at 1am that night. Friday I slept in the morning and then just took it easy and did more laundry. I don't remember how Adreyn got home from VBS that day (I think someone other than me picked her up. Does that make me a bad mom?) Anyway--we went out to dinner at Red Robin that night (it was nice to go out as a family) plus--it's Rehanyn's favorite. Whenever you ask Rehanyn what she wants for dinner she answers "mac-a-roni an cheese from Wed Wobin" And when we are there she has to order her own food--doesn't let mommy order for her!
Saturday was just another lazy day--more laundry of course! Adreyn is being a big help with emptying the dryer, switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer, starting the dryer and filling the washer for me. Tristan has been feeling under the weather this week--tummy troubles. I think he is finally better but now Rehanyn has it--poor little ones. Sunday (today) we went to a new church for Sunday School and really enjoyed it. We have been looking for a church where we feel comfortable and like we fit in and we may have found it. One of my friends goes there and recommended it and it has great programs for the kids and we enjoyed the sunday school class. We are planning to go back. The rest of the day was spent quietly and the kids and Jason got naps in. :-) Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn't go into detail about Jason's week is that his job kept him extremely busy all week and he took care of the kids while I worked so he didn't get to do anything really exciting this week. Oh--he did get to take his boss to the airport on Saturday evening--that exciting enough?

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our week, and that you have a great week this week!!!

Tuesday, June 24

Video of Tristan and Rehanyn singing

Sunday, June 15

Adreyn's story

Adreyn wrote this story on vacation. Enjoy!

The Fairy
by A. Halbmaier

Ones upon a time I saw a Fairy. The Fairy's name was diamond. She was a diamond fairy. There was another fairy named Cristal. She was a cristal fairy. the only thing different about these two fairys is there necklaces. A cristal fairy's necklace has a cristal on it. A diamond fairy's necklacse has a diamond on it. Diamond meet cristal and became friends. But at first they did not get along. Diamond said to cristal that necklaces is egly! Hey! said diamond. You get back here! What did you just say? I said you get back here. Why you! Then they fought! Then thier moms came. You two make friends or you are grounded! Do you want to make friend? Ok! and thats how they became friends and they lerned something. Thier mothers ground them.
The End

Hope you enjoyed it!

Adreyn's poem for Mom's Birthday

Here's the poem Adreyn wrote for me for my Birthday

Moms are nice!
Moms are sweet!
Moms are a great treet!
God made moms for boys and girls!

Let her know what you think!


Saturday started out with packing for the trip home, then breakfast at the hotel. On the way back to the room Adreyn threw up (right in front of the front desk). Guess whose turn it was to have the stomach flu? She threw up a couple more times in the hotel room and then we decided to just head for home and deal with her being sick on the way. The trip home was long, very long, Adreyn threw up for the first 3 hours or so. Then my dad and I started getting sick. Fun, Fun. We got home around 5:30 pm and tried to just take it easy. I started throwing up at about 10 pm, so had a very yucky long night. Luckily I'm starting to feel better. Hopefully this is the end of it--but probably not.


So, Friday we spent just quietly at the hotel--Tristan was still kind of peaked so we just took it easy.

Friday was also my birthday so that evening mom and dad watched the kids and Jason took me out to the Riverwalk. We walked through the Rivercenter Mall and then had dinner. After dinner we went on a horse drawn carriage ride. It was really nice and relaxing.

The kids had fun at the hotel swimming pool with mom and dad. Here's some pics


Remember how I said that I had another story to tell about the riverboat? Well, here goes

Thursday, we spent the day at SeaWorld. Then we decided to go ride the riverboat before dinner. So we are enjoying the ride when Tristan begins to get a little cranky. Didn't pay much attention to it until SURPRISE!!! He pukes all over himself, the boat, and the lady across from him. Needless to say we got off the boat quickly. We stopped at the mall to get him some clean clothes and he puked in the dressing room. So we just stopped at McD's for dinner and went back to the hotel. The poor little guy threw up 3 more times that night. Come to find out--the stomach flu was going through our hotel. Nice huh :)

Saturday, June 14

Friday, June 13

More SeaWorld slideshow

Seaworld Slideshow

SeaWorld videos

Here's some video from SeaWorld

SeaWorld Shamu show

Here's some pics from the Shamu Show--The kids loved this!!! Tristan especially--he kept pulling on my hand saying "we go touch whale, okay mommy? And FYI, Grandpa stayed pretty dry during this show--Mommy, Tristan, and Adreyn got DRENCHED!!!

Tomorrow, I'll try to get some video posted from the Shamu show.

Hope you've enjoyed the pics!!!!

SeaWorld Dolphins/Beluga Whales

Here are some pictures from the Dolphin/Beluga Whale show

Here's one of the trainers and a Beluga

The Beluga is pushing the trainer through the water
The Beluga is doing synchronized swimming
Can you see the dolphin?

Here's the guy who got Grandpa all wet!

Almost miss the dolphin in this picture--one in the water and one on the top of the picture--right hand side.
Dolphin "walking on water"
Beluga pushing the trainer through the water--underwater

More SeaWorld / Dad/Grandpa gets WET!!!!!

Here are more SeaWorld pics--the first two are of the Coral Reef.

See the 2 Stingrays? Okay, here's the story behind "Grandpa gets WET!!!" See the blue box-looking thing on the right side of the picture? See the water spraying out of it? See the guy in the orange cap and blue coveralls? Well, the box-thingy had a few other box thingys that it sprayed water back and forth with (one was right next to where Grandpa was sitting) Anyway, we were enjoying the water show before the Beluga whale show. Then that guy in the blue coveralls began trying to "fix" the "water leak". Anyway, his antics go on and on and finally he is up on the blue box thingy next to Grandpa and another box is spraying water at the box by grandpa. Suddenly the guy grabs Grandpa's baseball cap off his head and uses it to try to "catch" the water. (of course it overflows onto the lady in front of the blue box thingy.) Then--you guessed it probably--Grandpa's cap ends up being held over his head and then dumped right on him--full of water. Grandpa was DRENCHED!!!! It sure made us and Grandma laugh though. We love you Grandpa!!!!
Here's Grandpa after he got drenched. Sorry--we were laughing so hard we couldn't get pictures before :)

Sea World

Thursday we went to Seaworld. We had alot of fun but it was really, really HOT!!! We got back to the hotel with extremely tired kids, sunburns (with 50 spf on), tired legs, sore feet, and blisters.

Here's the kids eating breakfast before we leave for SeaWorld

SeaWorld Gate
Just before we go in. Adreyn would like for everyone to notice her really COOL Hannah Montana shirt (mom is excited because I got it for $5!)

Our first animal "encounter" was the dolphins. I just love dolphins. Here they just swim and play and every now and then you get to see them up close. Really close :) Adreyn actually touched one!

Here's the momma dolphin and her 5 day old baby dolphin--they didn't really surface much but you could see them pretty well under the water.

Okay--more pictures on the next blog

Thursday, June 12

San Antonio/The Alamo

We arrived in San Antonio on Wednesday around 5pm. We checking into our hotel, cleaned up a little and then went to the Riverwalk for dinner.

Here is one of the "gondolas" for the riverboat tours. More about this in a later post :-)

Here's my boys.

The Alamo at night
The Alamo again--funny story. Rehanyn has heard us talking about the Alamo recently and has decided that we were going to see "Elmo". She has been asking to see "Elmo" repeatedly and now thinks that the Alamo is "Sesame Street" and "Elmo" lives there. We can't seem to change her mind--so this is Sesame Street and Elmo lives in there--in case you were wondering. Also, Adreyn told me that she doesn't want to go in the Alamo because she was pretty sure there were dead bodies in there and she doesn't want to see them. Don't know where she got that from but okay--whatever.
They also have horse drawn carriage rides around the Alamo and surrounding areas--they were so pretty (lit up with christmas lights) I tried to get pictures but couldn't get them to turn out very well. I'll try another time.

Overall a great time but we were sooooo ready to go to sleep!

Happy Birthday Tristan!!!!

Tuesday was Tristan's 5th Birthday!!!

Hard to believe he's already 5!

Here are some pics from him opening presents.

(After looking at this (tamra's blog) I realized that I need to be better at sending updated pictures to the aunt's and uncles :-) I had forgotten how long his hair was)