Monday, March 30

Random Pics

Adreyn and Daddy Playing

Tristan and Rehanyn being silly!

Rehanyn and Mommy (I had been up all night at work!)

Rehanyn's Braid (she was sooo proud!)

Friday, March 20

Tristan is ready to work with daddy!!!

The kids went to work with Jason today so I could sleep...Here are pics of Tristan ready to go...he had an entire bin of toys ready to go...

Wednesday, March 18

Justin's Cake

I can't I'm on here...whatever. Justin's birthday party was this weekend. Tasha said he wanted a pokemon cake with chocolate cake. His favorite pokemon are Pikachu and Ash. Anyway I had worked the night before and it was a crazy, horrible shift so I was pretty much asleep when I decorated the cake. Luckily, apparently I can decorate a cake when I'm asleep :-) I wish it had turned out better...but Jason said that everyone at the party liked it...I went to bed after decorating the cake since I had to work that night too. Wish I could have been at the party...Oh well. Here are some pics of the cake. Sorry the close up is so blurry...I was so tired I forgot to change the setting on the camera so the picture would come out clear...ooops :-)

Thursday, March 12

Adreyn's Drum Circle

Tonight was open house at school. Adreyn's grade also participated in a drum circle. It was pretty cool. All the kids sat in 3 circles and in front of them were mats with an instrument (several of them were different) on them. The teacher would play a rhythm and the kids would repeat it with their instruments. Periodically the kids would move over one space and use the new instrument. It was neat to see how the kids had learned how to use the different percussion instruments and to follow directions and music. I have a video of part of the drum circle uploaded on my facebook account. Blogger hasn't been letting me load video. (in the video Adreyn is pretty much in the middle of the screen--most of the time).

Tristan's Pony Parade

Sunday, March 8

stupid Kindergarten project

So this weekend we had to make a stick horse for Tristan to ride at the pony parade on Wednesday at school. Yes, we had to MAKE here it is... (what is so wrong with just buying a stick horse premade???) I don't get the point of making it--but what do I know?

Here's a shot of the baby shower cake I did this weekend

Wednesday, March 4

Exhausted boy

Poor Tristan was up all night coughing, and then managed to puke all over my bed at 5 am. FUN!!! Anyway, he didn't get much sleep. Then he didn't eat lunch. I put him into my bed to do his neb ('cause the machine is next to my bed and I didn't feel like moving it) Anyway, this is what happened....

He only made it through about 1/2 of the neb before he was out :-)

Tuesday, March 3

Tristan's Sick :-(

Tristan had to go see Dr. Dhoot today. He has missed 2 days of school due to cough, and fever. He has a sinus infection and a respiratory infection. He gets cough medicine 4x a day, albuterol 3x a day, pulmicort 2x a day, and an antibiotic 1x a day. Here are some pictures of him getting his neb treatments (and a couple of his sisters thrown in too)

Monday, March 2

New Camera--new pics

We bought a new camera and I've been having so much fun playing with it. Here are some of the shots from the new camera. Yes, I know there are more of Rehanyn than anyone else--but she is home with me more than the other 2 :-) Rehanyn has also decided that she likes her hair up in pigtails. Sooo cute! Adreyn has also decided to join in. Enjoy!