Monday, September 22

Weeks goals

Note that there is new video of Rehanyn under this post :-)

Tamra has goals for the week so I thought I'd put mine down too.

Monday--feed Rehanyn, fold mountain of laundry, go to work

Tuesday--come home from work, go to sleep, wake up, teach class before work, go to work

Wednesday--finish work, go to meeting at work, come home, go to sleep, get up, go to meeting at work, come home, go to sleep

Thursday--catch up on laundry, take Rehanyn out for lunch, figure out something for dinner, go to bed

Friday--finish up laundry, grocery shop, go to work

Saturday--come home from work, go to sleep, get up, go to work

Sunday--see Saturday

Monday--come home, do laundry, get a little sleep, start over (just modify it a bit)

No, not a menu this week as I'll only be home to cook on Thursday--Jason is responsible for the other meals this week.

Rehanyn's Lunch Order

Sunday, September 21

quick update

We've stayed busy this week. Work kept Jason and I both busy this week. Adreyn and Tristan had a pretty good week at school. Adreyn did find out that to pass a spelling test you do need to study so will be working on that this week. :-) Rehanyn had fun with us at home--she is still a stinker but we seem to be getting a routine for the time when Tristan is at school.

Friday we had a family garage sale at our house. Mom and Tasha brought all their stuff over to our front yard and we got started around 9:30 am. We went until 3:30 pm when the temp was about 90 degrees and we were all sunburned. Thanks also to Jason and Dad who stayed out there with us (Rehanyn too). Mom and I had both worked Thursday night so we both worked the garage sale without sleep. Mom was a bit grumpy but I did okay. I went to bed at 6:30 pm after a very brief supper (Thank God for pizza hut!!!) and slept until 7am. We actually all slept until 7am--we were woken up by mom, dad, tasha, phil, ashleigh, and justin ringing our doorbell (we were supposed to be up around 6:15) Oh, well--we got going and had another good day and sold lots of stuff. Tasha made the most money this time (it was her turn--the last two she barely made anything), mom was next in line and I followed up at the bottom for earnings--however, all together we made over $1000.00 so not too shabby. We are all sunburned--me the worst as usual. My nose really, really hurts--as does the top of my head! Today was just an easy day--I didn't feel good--think I got a bit too much sun in the last 2 days. The kids had great fun yesterday with Ashleigh and Justin. Now we just need CCA to come pick up the left over junk from the garage sale (it's sitting in the garage right now).

We will be busy again this week--I have 4 12 hour shifts scheduled plus 5 meetings this week. This is Jason's busy time of each month. So this week should be crazy--but I guess that's how we like it, huh?

Tomorrow my plan is to fold the huge pile of laundry that is waiting for me (haven't done laundry since wednesday due to work and the sale) and get ready to go to work. :-)

Hope everyone has a great week and gets everything accomplished that needs to get done. I sure hope I manage to!

P.S. How is it that my quick updates are always some of my longest posts?? Haven't quite figured that out :-{

Thursday, September 11


Crafts with Rehanyn

Grandma got some craft puppets for Rehanyn for her birthday so we have been doing crafts lately.

Monday, September 8

Ashleigh's cake

Birthday Party

Here are pics from the party

Friday, September 5

Happy 9th Birthday Adreyn!!!!

Today my oldest turned 9. It is hard to believe. Here are some pictures of her opening her presents:

3 music CD's (Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Disney's Greatest)

I didn't get a good picture of this one but if you look in her lap--yes that little clear box--it is Adreyn's absolute favorite gift of all--an iPOD shuffle!!!

A Hannah Montana poster to put up in her room.

Adreyn had a good birthday, snacks at school, gifts from mom and dad (an iPOD!!!), and a fun birthday party with friends and family.

We love you, Miss A!!!

(yes she opened her gifts in the car--we ran out of time between school and party!)

Birthday Cake

Since the girls birthdays are so close and we went to San Antonio during Tristan's birthday we are having a joint birthday party today for all 3 kids. Here's pictures of the cake.

Thursday, September 4

A new favorite!

So yesterday I ran out of Fabric Softener Liquid. I usually get whatever Downy product I can find at Sam's Club. However I just didn't feel like taking the time to go to Sam's Club and I usually end up spending too much money anyway because I see something we don't really need but it's in bulk so has to be cheaper right??? Anyway, I decided to go to Kroger and pick up some fabric softener. So we get there and I pick up this:

Downy Clean Breeze scent fabric softener. I love this scent. The whole house smells good when I do laundry

But then I happened to see this:

Debbie had mentioned this great smelling fabric softener to me and man does it smell good too. So I got some of that--plus the packaging is really pretty :-)

However, while being nosy and keeping Rehanyn entertained by smelling fabric softners (oh the things that bring joy to children) I happened to come upon this. Snuggle Fabric Softener Creme in Sweet Almond Essence.

I love the scent of Almond anyway and I was intrigued by the "Creme" so bought that one too. I used this one in the load of laundry waiting for me at home and man does my laundry smell good now. So, for now, this is one of my favorite things :-)

Try it--you might like it :-)

Tuesday, September 2


Well, today we got to have a teacher conference with Tristan's teacher. Note that this teacher requested a conference on the 2nd day of school. Well, we go in not knowing exactly what will be addressed. Please remember that Tristan just turned 5 in June and he has a speech delay so we have been concentrating on his speech so that his teacher can understand him. Well, what we had a conference about--that he needs a finger positioner for his pencil, he doesn't know how to write his name and he gets sidetracked easily. Isn't that what kindergarten is for?? I mean that is where you LEARN to write your name and LEARN to stay on task. I know Adreyn didn't hold her pencil correctly in Kindergarten and we didn't have to have a conference about it. Why should we be happy that he can already sight read 200 words (big words too) and count and add and knows the alphabet? Apparently kids aren't supposed to LEARN in kindergarten anymore--they are just supposed to be "reinforced" or something??? How many little kids do you know that don't get sidetracked easily when they are bored and when they haven't been in school previously? Anyway--in case anyone was interested in knowing how our teacher conference went--here ya go! I know we are both frustrated but really--it's only been one week of school--give the kid a chance. Plus, don't think it's going to help that his teacher (whose baby is 6 weeks old) is taking 4 weeks off starting next monday. Lots of consistency there for the kids, huh.

Okay--enough ranting--just had to get it out.

Monday, September 1

Labor Day

Let's see 9 years ago on Labor Day I had just taken my first baby, Adreyn, home from the hospital. I still remember wondering why the hospital thought it was a good idea to send a baby home with me and give me complete responsibility for that baby. Then 5 years ago I had a 4 year old and a 3 month old baby boy who both kept me quite busy on Labor day. 4 years ago on Labor Day I got to meet my youngest daughter for the first time and realized that having 3 kids in 5 years was probably not the smartest thing that I could have done. (It works for alot of people but not the greatest for me). We definitely didn't plan to have babies 15 months apart :-). Even though she was a surprise we do love her so much! So I now have 2 adorable reasons to always remember Labor Day! Plus, that way I manage to take the week of Labor Day off of work each year!!!!

We didn't do much today for Labor Day. Fed the kids (always important), watched some TV, and got laundry done (clean clothes are essential, you know). Hope you had a good Labor Day!