Sunday, January 29


Overall an ok week.  Stayed busy.  Got to have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off...that was nice.  Today we got to got to church, go to lunch with friends, and then come home and take naps.  AND, now Tristan has been sick the rest of the day.  I woke up from my nap hearing Jason sending Tristan to the bathroom and then heard Tristan throwing up as he ran down the hall.  There was vomit all over the hallway wall.  Thankfully, (since I do the "sympathetic vomiting" thing) Jason let me stay in bed and he cleaned the wall, carpet, bathroom, etc.  He's pretty awesome.  Tristan is still sick however...I think he's got that stomach virus that's been going around.  Hopefully he's the only one who gets's not that likely though.  Grrrrr

Monday, January 23


Today I spent about 10 hours at work and got lots of stuff accomplished.  I started with a long list and accomplished alot of it, then made another list and accomplished a lot of that, and then made another list and have that to do tomorrow and the rest of the week.  It's nice to feel like I accomplished something though!

Friday, January 20

Five Question Friday

1. Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?  ummm...well, I usually hide them in the freezer...or at work.  Otherwise my 3 little velociraptors devour it in no time!

2. Do u keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?  My vehicle is actually the cleanest of our cars but Jason works out of his car so he has an excuse...I guess :-)  I still have things falling/rolling out of Surburban though...lately it's been a bottle of water....

3. Have you ever been to Vegas?  Nope...but I wanna go...not for the gambling but for the shows.

4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?  Neither...I prefer a regular temp room with my heated mattress pad on about medium with extra blankets nearby if I need them :-)

5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you've ever had?  One time when we were flying from Chicago to Minneapolis  we got on the plane to just sit there for an hour...then we had to get off the plane and switch to another plane...then the 2nd plane took off and we had engine trouble and had to divert to somewhere in Wisconsin and sit there while they fix the engine...the flight that usually took about 1 hour took 7-8 hours...we could have driven there faster!

Thursday, January 19


it was a long 12 hour shift today...but I have the next 3 days off!!!!

Wednesday, January 18


Pretty good day today...only worked about 6 stuff accomplished.  Got to come home at grocery shopping done, picked up T and Ree from after school care and then happened to be driving home at the same time A got off the bus so picked her up too.  Making Mostaccioli for dinner and gonna have a good night!!!!

Monday, January 16

today was better :-)

  • Work was long today but overall a good day.  
  • Glad for that.  
  • Kids were off school today, 
  • back to school tomorrow.
  • Got mom to say she can watch the kids on the 26th so Jason and I can go see The Oak Ridge Boys in concert :-)
  • Thanks mom!
  • My husband is amazing!
  • He worked, took care of the kids, made dinner, and did laundry.
  • I think I'll keep him!

Sunday, January 15

much better today

church really helped today.  Doing better :-)

Saturday, January 14

This week....

has been horrible...
...I haven't cried so much in years...
...can't take much more...

Friday, January 13

5 question Friday....I'm back!!!! :-)

So, I haven't posted in about 2 months...I'm blaming that on being very busy at work and dealing with Christmas.
The past week has been a rough one.  Work was...ummm...challenging...due to a very sad situation.  I just feel drained.  Plus, I found that a friend from my old job just passed away suddenly.  Today I'm going to a baby's funeral.  It's just all around not a good week.  The only good about this week is being able to come home to my wonderful husband and adorable kids.  So glad I have them.

So, I've decided to get back to blogging and am starting back by joining in on Five Question Friday! 

1. What is the last thing you bought for yourself?  I bought some really nice glass canisters with brushed nickel lids...they are so pretty...I just opened the box today!
2. What is your favorite meal on a cold winter day? Creamy potato soup from scratch...YUM!!!
3. Have you started looking at swimsuits for this year and do you buy a new one each year? Really...nope, I don't buy a new one each year and until I lose some weight I won't be looking for a new one...
4. If you could be any candy what would you be and why?  Ummmm, M&M's I guess...'cause they melt in your mouth and not in your hand....sorry, this was a kinda odd question.
5. What are you most passionate about?  #1 My family, #2 My work

Bonus Question: What is your favorite thing to "pin" on pinterest?  New recipes...I've tried a favorite is the crockpot mac and cheese...Yummy!!!!!