Friday, April 22

5 question Friday!

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?  Ummm, we don't really have an Easter tradition...I generally ended up working Easter weekend so we didn't do too much.  I guess maybe eating ham for Easter dinner is pretty much our tradition.

2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?  I prefer the "long, hot bath" but the only bathtub in our house is in the kids bathroom and I just can't get real comfy in there...So, right now it's a "long, hot shower" around here...

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?   I can parallel park and I believe I did it last about 6 months ago...but I didn't do a great job but I did an okay job.

4. What is your favorite Easter candy?  Peeps!!!!!

5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?  We try to go with a mix of the 2...a bit heavier on the religious side...But a good dose of chocolate is in the mix too :-)

Monday, April 18

First day of the new job

Today was my first day of my new was SOOO exciting...NOT!  I got to sit in a classroom and review HIPAA information, benefit info, where to park my car...etc.  Hmmm, 8 hours of that type of stuff made me pretty sleepy.

I found out also, that my boss (who I met with last week) resigned last friday, effective immediately.  So, the surgical services director is now the interim director of women's and children's and my new temporary boss.  This should be fun :-)

Friday, April 15

5 question Friday

1. What is your favorite sign of spring?  Well, I guess it would be the grass turning green and the flowers budding.

2. What was your best birthday ever?  Hmmm, I don't think I've had my best birthday ever yet :-)  But I did enjoy my 32nd birthday when several of my friends and I went to see the Dancing with the Stars tour here in Dallas :-)

3. What is your favorite dessert?  Homemade...Oreo Cookie Dessert.  Bought...Black Tie Mousse Cake from Olive Garden

4. What is the best excuse you've ever used to get out of a ticket?  Never had to get out of a ticket...I've only had one and I deserved it LOL

5. Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times?  My husband is usually my alarm but with my new job I'll be using my own probably...I don't use the snooze though if I'm using my alarm.

Tuesday, April 12


today I went to drop off all my paperwork to Human Resources...asked the volunteer at the front desk to point me to HR and he refused to let me go back there...I had to turn in my paperwork to him...very odd!  Anyway, after that encounter, I got to go talk to my new boss and find out the plan for next week.  I'll have hospital orientation on Monday and then shadow her for the next few days.  I also got the keys to my new office!!!!  Then I went shopping at Hobby Lobby and got a cute black and white photo board for the office.  Then I stopped at the Dollar Tree and got a couple of organizational supplies for my office too.  After that I went and picked up some Navy blue scrubs...kinda wish I hadn't bought the Royal ones just 6 weeks ago. :-)  Then I had the joy of getting to have a drug screen done...just FYI...the peeps at QuestCare Lab are pretty unprofessional...and they made me feel kinda like a drug addict.  ("empty your pockets...put everything in your purse...put your purse in the box...lock the box...take the key...rinse and dry your hands, no soap...grab a cup and dump out the contents on the counter...ok, go pee, don't flush, and bring it back out...ok, wash your hands...sign this...initial this...initial this...get your stuff out of the can go").  It was odd.  I've never had to lock up my purse before. 

Later, I made dinner ( was yummy!) and then we went to Rehanyn's 1st grade music program.  It was the last 1st grade program we will attend anytime soon....awwww.  Actually we are pretty happy abut that :-) 

Tomorrow we are gonna run by mom's so that she can hem my new scrub pants and then we are gonna hopefully go buy some fishes for the fish tank Jason decided we needed. Then I've got to go back to work for the first of my last 2 night shifts...

Friday, April 8

5 question Friday

1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  I would definitely change the way I keep house.  I like to be organized but can never stay organized...or I don't manage to organize efficiently and it gets messy really quickly.  I'd like to be able to keep the house neat and clean like mom always managed to...

2. Write about a time when you got lost.  I remember that this one time (I think I was 3 or 4) and my grandparents were working at a youth camp and we all went to visit.  we walked all over the camp and I got a little comfortable with being there.  Then I got separated from my parents and decided that I knew where I was going and took off across camp and then got to a point where I couldn't see any of the buildings and just pretty much froze there until some of the girls at camp found me and took me back to my parents :-)

3. Camping or 5 star hotel?  Hotel for sure...not a camper at all!  I don't like being outside much...I'm an indoor girl!

4. Have you donated blood?  Nope...but I will one day.

5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?  We don't have a written down budget but we know how much we have and what we can spend or NOT spend....

Wednesday, April 6

New Job!

I have a NEW JOB!!!!  NEW JOB!!!!  

Well, I haven't been posting lately because certain "stuff" has been going on here and since my blog address is on Facebook I didn't want to accidentally "jump the gun" until I was sure.

So, anyway, just under a month ago a friend that used to work with me messaged me on Facebook and told me about a position that had opened up at her new job.  The position was for the NICU/Nursery manager.  I have appplied for manager positions 4 times in the last 6 year (all for the hospital system that I currently work for) and essentially got ignored each time.  I was getting pretty frustrated. 

I decided to talk to Jason about this opportunity and took a couple of days to think about it and then decided to apply.  Of course, after I made my decision I went to apply online the and the job was no longer posted as available.  My heart dropped.  I decided to go ahead and call the Director of Women's Services and find out if the position had been filled.  Happily it hadn't been filled and I set an interview for Monday (this was Friday).  I worked all weekend and hurried home from work Monday morning, fixed my makeup and went off to my interview.  I wasn't sure how well the interview went because I was pretty sleepy and didn't feel like I was able to answer some the questions the way I wanted to.  I didn't hear anything for a week, then emailed the director and quickly set up an interview with the staff nurses for Thursday.  The staff interview went really well and I also got to meet the primary neonatologist. (I actually enjoyed these interviews which is unusual for me...I'm shy usually).  I was offered the job on the next Thursday but I asked them to review the pay they were offering because it was only $0.02 more per hour than I am currently making. They called back the next day and offered $2.00 more per hour and I happily took the job!  My first day there will be April 18th!

I'm very proud of myself for getting this job because I ended up doing several things that I usually don't ever do
1. Call someone I don't know personally (I prefer email or texting)
2. Stay on top of stuff and make sure I get a response
3.  Ask for more money
4.  Resigned my job without making lots of apologies :-)

This job is gonna be a lot of work.  The unit is planning to expand and it will be my job to make it happen.  I'm looking forward to the work though.  Plus I'll get to work days now instead of nights.  It will be a big change for me...I've worked nights for most of the last 16 years.  I'm looking forward to having more time with the family.

Friday, April 1

5 question Friday

1. Have you ever had surgery?  Nope!  Being a NICU nurse I've been at alot of c-sections though!

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?  Nope...I'd rather be out of the ambulance than in it!

3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm? At work, I'm calm and organized and take care of business and stress about it after everything is over.  At home I try to stay calm but when it's my kids I'm not as calm as I'd like :-)

4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?  No garden...I have a black plants don't survive around me!!!!

5. When did you move out of your parents house?  When I started my last year of college, I was 21