Friday, April 18

Reunion Cakes #1

Okay, this is the first of several posts about the cakes for the NICU Reunion so I can keep all the pictures in order. Wednesday I spent the entire day baking 10 cake layers. Then 1 cracked and one stuck to the cooling rack and broke into a bajillion pieces. So, this morning I rebaked 2 layers.

Here are the cake boards for the centerpiece cake
Here are the cake boards for the satellite cakes
Here are some pics of the cakes waiting to be frosted. I didn't take pictures of the ones I had to throw away because--#1 I was really frustrated #2 I didn't think to do it until they were in the garbage.

This is the huge batch of buttercream frosting I made to frost all those cakes. It's 8 batches of frosting. I tinted it tan (the Reunion theme is Safari so I thought tan was a better background than white.

So on to next post and more pics.