Wednesday, May 27

Tristan's Kindergarten Program--Kindermotion in the Ocean

Tristan got to use a walrus puppet and make it float in the Ocean

Tristan's class is in the Blue shirts with the Octopus on their hats

He seemed a little unsure of himself :-)

Here he had just introduced himself and said what his favorite ocean creature was...
"Hi, My name is Tristan and my favorite ocean creature is dolphin"

The program was adorable and I got some cute video but blogger isn't letting me add video...frustrating!

Tuesday, May 26

"Littles" in bed

Yes, I know Rehanyn is covered with a Lightening McQueen blanket in her Princess bed...what can I say...she is ODD :-)

Tristan and all his stuffed animals...he has a ZOO in his bed but actually goes to sleep very easily so I am okay with it for now

Wednesday, May 13

Recent stuff

Adreyn has been doing great in school. We should get her TAKS test results this week, I think. We were out of school due to Swine Flu (so stupid) for 3 days so the results are a bit late.

Tristan has been doing great in school...It's so nice to see his work come home from school and be able to actually decipher what he's still difficult to read...but you can read it! He had his DRA2 test a couple of weeks ago and is reading at Level 3...with his previous teacher he only managed Level 1...Have I said that I am soooo happy we have Mrs. Corbitt now??? He has a kindergarten program in less than two weeks. I'll try to post some pics/video after that. We had a teacher conference today...Jason went (I'm sick) but said it went well. Mrs. Corbitt is very pleased with Tristan's progress. He has managed to turn his s's the correct way and though he is supposed to be at a Level 4 with his reading she is very happy with how he is doing. He is also having speech therapy 2 times a week, occupation therapy 1 time a week, and physical therapy 1 time a week. We've already seen improvements! Jason said he also got a new "funky" pencil to use so that he has to use the correct grip. We are also supposed to break all of his crayons so that they are so small that he is forced to use a pincer grip to use them. He won't like that! He hates broken crayons!!!

Rehanyn has been doing well at home. Tomorrow she has a Kindergarten Screening...they are apparently gonna be having her recognize letters, spell her name, walk on a balance beam...etc. She does pretty well with that stuff so should do great! She is really looking forward to school!

Jason is staying busy with work...lots of damage inspections.

I'm busy with work...the NICU reunion got postponed due to the stupid swine we will get that rescheduled...probably July... staying pretty busy with cakes...lately one a week!


Man, it's been a long time since I've updated...

Here's Tristan showing off his tongue and face after eating a cupcake with green frosting

And Rehanyn's was purple...did you figure that out???

Rehanyn was playing with her blocks then found some yogurt covered raisins and some coins. She then decided to make a mouse trap with them...Here is is....and NO we don't have mice in the house.