Sunday, August 31

Happy Birthday Rehanyn!!!

I can't believe my baby is 4 years old!!!

Rehanyn got presents today and then got to go to Aunt Tasha's house for dinner (Thanks for dinner guys :-)). She got ice cream cake at Tasha's house--I just didn't fill like baking a cake today! Her birthday party will be on Friday (with Adreyn) so she will get a (mommy-made) birthday cake then.

Here are some pics of Rehanyn through the years. Enjoy!!!


Wednesday, August 27

First Day of School

Okay so today is the 3rd day of school but here are pics from the first day :-)

Sunday, August 24


Here's a new blog info about me list

7 Things to do before I die...

1. Sky-dive--okay, okay, so they would have to push me out of the plane but I still want to do it someday

2. I would say get back to my high-school weight but that would probably mean I've contracted some kind of fatal disease that is making me waste away :-)

3. Know that my kids know that I love them more than anything and would do anything for them

4. Go to Europe

5. Get a tummy tuck--it's amazing what having 3 kids can do to you!!!

6. Catch up on all the sleep I've lost

7. Win the lottery--I can always hope!!!!

7 Things I can do....

1. Rescusitate an infant

2. Make a wedding cake

3. Make great homemade noodles

4. Use a computer with some skill

5. Blog

6. Be a friend

7. Love my family

7 Things I can't do

1. Dance

2. Not worry about my kids

3. cry on demand

4. fix my extended family

5. shut up

6. write a book

7. not fuss about work

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex.

1. Arms

2. Hair

3. someone who loves me

4. Genuine love for family and friends.

5. Sense of humor

6. Love for life

7. A good father

7 Things I say often

1. What sounds good for supper?

2. I don't wanna go to work

3. I need to go grocery shopping

4. Does this look okay on me?

5. What now?

6. Are we ready?

7. I love you!

7 Celebrity admirations - no crushs...

1. Patrick Swayze--hands down gorgeous!!!

2. Sam Elliot

3. Sean Connery

4. Patrick Dempsey

5. The guys on Army Wives

6. Rob Lowe

7. Sawyer on LOST--he could call me "freckles" any day ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this :-)

Friday, August 22


Okay, gonna say right up front--I'm exhausted. I've worked the last 2 nights and am staying up today with the kids so Jason can work. Soooo, if this ends up making no sense or there is gibberish or lots of misspellings blame it on my numb brain.

This week has been good. Monday we finally got Tristan registered for Kindergarten. We waited for forever for the shot records to be faxed over from the doctors office--they couldn't spell our last name, surprise, surprise. This even though on the voicemail I left requesting the shot records I slowly and carefully spelled out our last name and each of the kids names---"Halbmaier--H-a-l-b as in boy-m as in man-a-i-e-r" but apparently that was just to easy so they spelled it with a d and an n I think. Whatever! At least he is registered.

Work has been stressing Jason out--his volume has dropped off and his "boss" is frustrating him so its been a little nerve-wracking here at home.

Adreyn is very excited to go back to school--being home is "boring". It is hard to believe that she will be 9 in 2 weeks. Luckily we haven't had any more cooking incidents :-).

Tristan is starting to get excited about school. I think what has excited him most though is his Buzz Lightyear backpack.

Rehanyn really wants to go to school but I've been telling her that Tristan and Adreyn being in school means that she gets lots of Mommy time so I think that she is excited about that. She's always had Tristan with her so I think the transition of him being in school may be a little tough for her.

This morning at 8am was "meet the teacher" at school and so we got to go meet both Adreyn and Tristan's teachers, see their classrooms, and organize their supplies. Tristan was jumping up and down to see his name written on so many different spots in the classroom.

Work is good for me--working a bit extra this week and next to get a little extra for the kids birthday party in 2 weeks.

Other than that--nothing else much going on.

Wednesday, August 13


What the heck does "meme" stand for? Is it a form of "memo" or is it because it is all about "me-me"? I'm confused--any way Tamra tagged me for a meme of 6 quirks or weird things about yourself.

First, the rules......

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 5 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I've mentioned this before but I can manage to get absolutely nothing done even though I have lots of time to get lots of stuff done

2. Like Tamra I start projects and then never seem to finish them. While cleaning out my closet this week I found the blanket I had crocheted for Rehanyn while I was pregnant. All that was left on the blanket was the ruffle around the edge but I didn't finish it. Happily though I did manage to finish it on Sunday (good thing huh, Rehanyn is turning 4 the end of this month ;-) ) And unlike Tamra I didn't need mom to help me finish it nana-nana-nana.

3. Even though I take care of the sweetest tiniest babies every time I'm at work, I am not like Tamra--I don't want any more children (if you see my previous post you will see why) I am more than happy to leave those babies at work!

4. I manage to steal alot of ideas for blog posts from Tamra--therefore I am using her 6 points as a reference for my points on this crazy meme thingy.

5. I would much rather spend time on the computer or reading a book than do the stuff around the house like laundry, bathrooms, etc.

6. Jason comments about this all the time. I like to cross my feet and intertwine my toes when I watch TV or am on my laptop. Weird I know!

I guess I'm going to tag mom and Wanissa for this crazy thingy--sorry in advance!

Saturday, August 9

This week

Well, no new pics. I took enough earlier this week that my kids don't want me to take anymore. Just kidding! I just didn't get around to taking any--I know, bad mommy--although I have taken more pics since I started this blog than I did in the previous 6 months :-)

Monday I decided to clean out the master closet. Man did we have alot of cr*p in that closet. I actually got it to where we can walk into our nice walk in closet. Surprising, huh! We are having a family garage sale in September and now I have lots of stuff to sell. It's amazing the stuff you can find when you clean stuff out :-)

So, Wenesday I went back to work after having a week off. I did not want to have to go back to work but I did--luckily it was just for 2 shifts and then I have this weekend off. Work is okay--i'm a bit frustrated but that's part of it I guess.

Friday I slept for about 5 hours and then got up for dinner and to help get the kids in bed. Well, Rehanyn had been having a "day" and spent alot of it in time out. So because of being naughty we told her earlier in the day that she would be going to bed early. Bed time came and Rehanyn lost it. She was screaming, stomping her feet, running away from me, throwing things, everything. She got spanked and put in bed and talked to (think "yelled at"--I kind of lost my temper) and then I pulled up on her side rail (apparently was more upset than I realized) and pulled it completely off the bed--I completely broke the pieces that were screwed on to hold the darn thing in place. At least it got me and Jason laughing and Rehanyn figured out how upset I was.

All day today she (at the oddest moments) will say "mommy brokeded my bed". Then Jason just laughs and laughs. So, if you need your childs bed or crib dismantled just call me over and get me angry and I'll take care of it for you :-). (at least I can laugh at myself huh)

Anyway--nothing else really exciting going on. I'll try to get more pictures up soon.

Saturday, August 2

Rehanyn Noelle

Tristan Kreig

Adreyn Mikailah

11 years ago today!

11 years ago today Jason and I got married! Our wedding was in his parents HUGE backyard and it was beautiful. What most people didn't see that day was the rushing around for the previous 3 days to get the arbor built, flowers planted, decorations up, and food prepped. However, it was a great day.

Sorry for the pictures of pictures but as we didn't have a computer back then none of my pictures are in the computer and I didn't feel like scanning lots of pictures in today. I guess I should sometime though.

Enjoy the pics :-)

Engagement picture

We are laughing because we couldn't get the candles lit. The wind came up just at that time and we spent 1 1/2 minutes attempting to light the candles. Our unity candle has still never been lit. :-)