Thursday, July 31

Kid Free

Well, this weekend is Jason and my 11th wedding anniversary (maybe I'll post some wedding pics later). So, mom agreed to watch the kids for a couple days so Jason and I could spend some time together. Yesterday, Jason dropped the kids off at mom's house around 10:30 am. He then went to run errands while I decided to sleep (I had worked the night before after all). Jason tried to wake me up at 3pm (exactly when I told him to wake me) but I decided to keep sleeping until 4:30. What can I say--I was tired. Then that evening we went to Medieval Times for the evening. Sadly, even though we meant to take pictures of each other in our silly paper (red and yellow) crowns we never actually did. Anyway, it was a fun evening without the kids. I mean who doesn't like going out to dinner with your husband and getting to eat with your hands? We checked on the kids on the way home and got to tell them goodnight. They sounded sleepy but like they had had a good day. Then we got to skip the "get the kids to bed" routine and just get ourselves to sleep. It was great to not be woken up at 7 am this morning by kids jumping on the bed and asking for breakfast. Of course we did oversleep and left the house a little late for Jason's first work appointment this morning. We have spent the last 4 hours in Arlington working and are now on the way to go get lunch and then go get massages here. Then tonight is dinner and a movie and then another night without kids. We pick up the rugrats tomorrow morning (mom has to work tomorrow night). So that's what we're doing. I'll keep updating as things keep happening :-).

P.S. If you want a great massage you need to make an appointment at the website I mentioned above. Besides being a great massage therapist Sherri is a good friend and her daughter and Adreyn are great friends too.

Monday, July 28

Latest Cake

Here are pictures of the cake I made this weekend. This is the 3rd cake I've made for this little man. I think the first one was JoJo from JoJo's Circus and last year was Lightening McQueen from the movie Cars. This year apparently Joshua is hooked on the PBS cartoon Max and Ruby. My kids love it as well so they were pretty excited about this cake. I think it turned out pretty well.

Have you noticed yet that something is missing?

Take a good look at Max's face.

See it?

I totally forgot to put his wiskers on one side of his face!!!!!

I kept telling myself to remember to finish his face. I did the first side and then realized that I couldn't do the other side until I did Ruby's sleeve so I waited and then TOTALLY FORGOT!!!

Oh, well, Joshua's mom didn't notice it (at least not at my house) and I'm sure the cake was still a big hit but this is what I'll remember forever about this cake!!!

Tuesday, July 22

why you should always worry.....

....when your 5 year old goes to get dressed and you don't hear anything for awhile

Our new stove

Here's a pic of our new stove. The pic isn't great but the stove is stainless with a ceramic flat surface. I am putting a brisket in to cook as soon as I'm finished with this post :-) Dinner will be yummy tonight!

1930's wife???

I saw this on another blog I read and decided to take the test. I figured I would not score well but LOOK!!!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Not bad huh, take it yourself, see how you score :-)

Monday, July 21

What a day!!! What a day!!!!

This morning Jason and I finally got a chance to sit down and talk about school for Tristan. To make a long story short, we have decided to enroll him in public school and see how he does and if necessary we will pull him out of public school and put him in private kindergarten at that time. I truly think that Tristan will do well, as he is so smart and loves to interact with others. Please pray that he gets a great teacher who will be exactly what he needs for kindergarten.

Jason and the 2 little ones left for work about 9:30 or so. Adreyn got to stay home with me while I slept. She loves days like this because she can watch "her" shows on TV, play on the computer, and get some alone time. Anyway, before I went to bed we decided that she would have EasyMac for lunch. The directions are on the package and everything is done in the microwave--easy,cheesy right? Well, I got woken up by Adreyn screaming at 12:00 as she ran into my room. She was also choking and coughing. Apparently somehow instead of 3 minutes 30 seconds the microwave got set for approximately 30 minutes (our microwave has done this to me before too--it adds an extra 0 if you push the button for too long) Needless to say, our entire house was filled with the horrible, pungent, breath-stealing black smoke belching out of the microwave. The macaroni was completely black and scorched and the little "plastic" cup that it was in had melted flat! So, I got Adreyn something to drink--the poor kid had opened up the microwave and had gotten a face full of that awful smoke. Then we quickly opened all the doors and windows (poor Molly, that dog was so confused--she couldn't figure out if she should be inside or outside)

Once the smoke started clearing out we decided to try to make something else for lunch. Adreyn decided on Chicken nuggest and fries. We got everything out of the freezer and put them on the cookie sheet, turned on the oven and put them in the oven. I set the timer, told Adreyn to get me when it beeped and went back to bed to read for a while. About 5 minutes later this really loud buzzing sound started. Adreyn shrieked again and we met in the hallway. I opened up the oven door and noticed that the lower coil in the oven was bright white and sparking. I called Jason (I didn't know what to do with this one--I was quickly forming the opinion that for some reason my house decided it wanted to catch on fire today) and asked what to do. Anyway, managed to figure out which fuse went to the oven and turned off the fuse (luckily I know how to do that :-)) Jason decided to come home from work early (I think he thought if he didn't come home the house would be in flames by the time he got home in the evening) The coil dripped molten metal onto the base of the stove and damaged the base of the stove, SOOOO we went to lowes tonight and bought a new stove!

We got home from Lowes, Jason was getting everything ready to get the old stove outside and the new stove inside and asked Adreyn to close the garage door to the house. Adreyn misunderstood him and closed the automatic garage door. She failed to notice that Daddy had backed his car up and the garage door closed on his car--she didn't know why it wouldn't close so kept trying to get it closed and jammed the door to the point where it wouldn't move any more. Happily, the car didn't sustain any damage and Jason got the garage door to work again.

So, right now, the kids are asleep, the new stove is hooked up and working, the house still smells like burnt mac and cheese and metal, and we are ready to have this day be over. On the up side--no one got hurt, we have a new stove, the car isn't damaged, and the automatic garage door still works.

Hopefully you had a better Monday than we did :-) and hopefully our Tuesday doesn't have all the issues that our Monday had.

Saturday, July 19


We went to check out a private kindergarten for Tristan yesterday and are pretty sure that we are going to enroll him. They have good student:teacher ratios, and the teacher has a masters degree in special ed. He seemed to like the school and really wanted to be allowed to just wander everywhere. He was great with the director of the school--he introduced himself, answered her questions, and asked to "go see the kids". He also asked if he could take the playground home :-)

Visit mom's blog for pictures and video she took of the kids while she generously watched them for us Thursday night and Friday morning. Thanks so much mom!!!! We really appreciate it!!! I'm working my usual 3 day weekend and Jason is getting into his busy time of the month so will be working all day today too--so we are BUSY!!! Thankfully, the kids are all feeling better and are (generally) in good moods. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 15

Back to work

Well, after a slow, sleepy weekend we are back to work. Don't you ever wish that work would just stop but it was okay for it to stop and you really didn't need the money that truthfully you really really need but you just really don't want to go back to work? How's that for a run-on? Well, that's what I manage to write after working all night. :-) Luckily work wasn't too bad or busy last night--just slow and steady--of course with slow and steady you get sleepy faster. And when you can't sleep at work it makes you even sleepier, I think. Then you apparently don't make sense when you are typing your blog post.

Anyway, kids had a good lazy weekend--of course, the usual fights, ouchies, etc, but overall good. Jason was also able to take the weekend off which is nice considering that the busy part of the month is approaching fast. Me, I was lazy this weekend but have 48 hours scheduled this week with an additional class to teach so I will be busy this week definitely. I'm planning to take the kids to the $1 movie tomorrow morning if I can stay awake after working all night--it's great fun to go zone out in a theatre while your kids stuff themselves with soda, popcorn, and candy at 10am. Just kidding. Then Thursday we are going out for the semi-annual get-together with Jason's boss. Mom is watching the kids so that should be nice to have a "date" for once. Friday we are going to tour a school that has a private kindergarten to see if we think it would be better for Tristan this year instead of public school. I'll let you know what we decide.

I'll try to get more pictures taken this week and get them posted.

Check out Tamra's blog for yummy pictures of homemade cinnamon rolls--now I've got to plan ahead to make some!

Friday, July 11

Man, it's been a long time!!!

It's been awhile since I wrote on here. Oh, well, that's life I guess :-) Jason and I have been busy working. All of the kids have had tummy troubles this past week--no fun for anyone in the family. Tristan and Rehanyn have been having a good time playing with each other this week. Of course, we are going through a bratty stage with both of them right now--I guess that's part of being 3 and 5 years old. Rehanyn has been spending lots of time in time out this week. She is getting used to it though apparently since she started putting herself in time out when she misbehaved. :) She is goofy! Tristan has been doing great--he gets easier and easier to understand and his speech improves all the time. It's still hard to believe that he turned 5 last month. Adreyn spent this week at a church day camp "Kidz Praize Dayz" and was part of the choir. The performance was tonight. The play was about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. It was really cute and Adreyn did a great job. She learned all the songs and hand motions and really had a good time! To celebrate after the play we went to Red Robin for dinner. And the best part--we had dinner late and no one took naps today so bedtime was a breeze!!!!! :)

Here's a few pictures from today.