Monday, April 20

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Baby Shower Cake

Sunday, April 19's patio...nope...Tasha's house

So this week we planned a family picnic at the park by our house. We were going to take our grill to the park and the adults would get to spend time together while the kids wore themselves out on the playground. When we planned this Mom told me that the weather was supposed to be really nice on Saturday. Well, Friday morning it started to rain and it pretty much poured all day and most of the Friday night we decided that the park would be too muddy for a picnic so we would go to Mom's patio, have lunch then try to find a playground that wasn't muddy. By Saturday around 10 am...we had decided that Mom's patio was too we went to Tasha and Phil's house instead :-) The kids had a great time playing, Phil grilled for us, and we had lots of laughs. Here's some pics :-)

The only pic I could get of Mom and Dad

Tasha, Phil and Jason

No comment...

Adreyn and Ashleigh




Mom and Tasha

Adreyn and Ashleigh

I guess he really doesn't like pictures :-)

Wednesday, April 15



Tristan hiding in the laundry basket :-)

Wednesday, April 1


I got to babysit one of "my" NICU babies yesterday. He has gotten so big!!!

Big smiles!!!

Sound sweet


Rehanyn wanted to keep him!