Thursday, March 27

Lookie, Lookie !!!!!!!!!!!

Look what we just got for our kitchen!!! We are so excited!!! The dishwasher was delivered yesterday. Jason ran it with like 6 things in it yesterday because he just couldn't wait to use it. It is so nice! It is really quiet--you really can't hear it running at all!Can you see our favorite feature on the dishwasher? It's that little lock symbol in the next picture. It locks all the buttons so the kids can't start the washer. This is important because with the last dishwasher Rehanyn would have a great time pushing all the buttons--and actually somehow dug a hole through the plastic of one of the buttons. What can I say--she's 3 :-).
This lovely refridgerator was delivered this morning. I have wanted one for forever and we got a really good deal on it. I'm just waiting for it to get to temperature so I can put all the food back in it and get it organized just the way I want it. It's gorgeous right?
This also has a couple features we love--#1 the lock/unlock button--such a great invention, its a child keeper-outer. (once again a necessity due to the 3 and 4 year olds in the house). #2 the door alarm--it alarms if the door is left ajar or is open too long--once again helpful as the 3 and 4 year old have figured out how to open the doors.
So that's my excitement for the day. Thrilling stuff, huh!


theartsymom said...

I am way jealous! We so need the look out button at our house.

Tamra said...

those look great. I've told Josh that a dishwasher is a necessity in our next house. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see them in 'person'
How did that refrig fit in the kitchen . Or does it just look HUGE?? Mom

Ellen said...

love that fridge!!!! maybe i will teach noah how to break ours so i can get a new one like that! ha ha