Tuesday, April 1

Birthday cake fiasco

See this adorable birthday cake I made for the neighbor's little boy's 2nd birthday? (please ignore the cake crumbs and discarded pieces of cake in the picture) The neighbor put little toy cars on the "highway" at the party--pretty cute huh.
Here's a picture of the "grass" that covered the cake--I used a special icing tip and just FYI, it turned out cute but was a BIG pain in the butt (and my arm and shoulder still hurt!) Here's the info about the cake. It is 2 double layer 12 inch round cakes--one is yellow cake, one is chocolate cake. The black frosting is triple chocolate chocolate chip icing and the green frosting is my yummy almond buttercream.

Wanna know what the "fiasco" was? Well, here goes. The neighbor daddy picked up the cake and upon putting it in his car immediately crushed some of the grass on the side--not a big problem right? Well, about 10 minutes after he picked it up we get a call--"the cake broke in the middle--can you come fix it?" So here we go to the rescue. When we get there they tell us that two of them carried the cake into the house (while this cake is big it didn't need to have 2 people carry it) and along the way it came apart. Well, due to height differences between 2 people and 2 cakes put together to look like one--it wasn't a pretty cake anymore. It took about 20 minutes but we got it back together and all the icing patched--You really couldn't tell it had cracked (Thank God!!!) and they were happy!

Lesson learned?--If you don't want an emergency phone call about your masterpiece (okay maybe not masterpiece but you get my drift) always deliver it yourself!!!! (And make extra icing just "in case")


Tamra said...

Cute cake. I know what you mean with that tip. I used it to put "fur" all over Catie's wombat cake. Hurt for days.