Friday, April 18

Reunion Cakes #3

Now, decorating the satellite cakes (they'll go around the centerpiece cake).

I found the pictures I wanted by "Googling" coloring pages and found ones I liked. I printed them out on cardstock and cut them out. I then used a toothpick and went around the outline of the picture imprinting the outline on the cake

after the outline was on the cake I used a toothpick to free hand the interior--using the coloring page for reference. Here you can see it after I got all the details on.
Here's the completed cake:
Here is a cake where I did the next step after using the toothpick to get the design in the frosting. I then go over all the toothpick lines with black or brown icing. Like this:

Here's that completed cake (ignore my mess please :-) )
Here's the other completed cakes
This one is my favorite I think:
Well, I'm glad those are done. Now I just have to decorate the centerpiece cake but I'll have to do that at the Reunion. I'll post pictures of it when I get it done. Hope you enjoyed seeing the process.!
I'm going to bed now!!!


Tamra said...

Those cakes are awesome. The birds are so cute. Good job. Can't wait to see the centerpiece cake. Good luck!! =)