Thursday, March 27

Lookie, Lookie !!!!!!!!!!!

Look what we just got for our kitchen!!! We are so excited!!! The dishwasher was delivered yesterday. Jason ran it with like 6 things in it yesterday because he just couldn't wait to use it. It is so nice! It is really quiet--you really can't hear it running at all!Can you see our favorite feature on the dishwasher? It's that little lock symbol in the next picture. It locks all the buttons so the kids can't start the washer. This is important because with the last dishwasher Rehanyn would have a great time pushing all the buttons--and actually somehow dug a hole through the plastic of one of the buttons. What can I say--she's 3 :-).
This lovely refridgerator was delivered this morning. I have wanted one for forever and we got a really good deal on it. I'm just waiting for it to get to temperature so I can put all the food back in it and get it organized just the way I want it. It's gorgeous right?
This also has a couple features we love--#1 the lock/unlock button--such a great invention, its a child keeper-outer. (once again a necessity due to the 3 and 4 year olds in the house). #2 the door alarm--it alarms if the door is left ajar or is open too long--once again helpful as the 3 and 4 year old have figured out how to open the doors.
So that's my excitement for the day. Thrilling stuff, huh!

Friday, March 21

Pictures of our Kids

Here's a pic of my 3 rugrats today. Why can't they all look at the camera at the same time?

Here's Adreyn--she is at that stage where she's not sure exactly how to smile for the camera

Tristan--he's very proud of his Pokemon shirt. Pokemon is his obsession lately.

Here's Rehanyn being goofy with the Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Here's a pic of all three--of course they are all doing something different. Notice that the girls' outfits match--they think it's fun to be twinkies

And here's the baby--Molly, our chocolate lab--of course our baby IS over 100 pounds :-)

Jason is very excited--today we finally got the Sweet Gum Trees in the front yard cut down. They have frustrated Jason every year that we have lived here. He's practically jumping up and down for joy.

We wish everyone a very, very Happy Easter!!!

Tuesday, March 18

Another day

Well, Spring Break is in full force--of course it rained all day
today. Adreyn has had a friend over today and has been
having fun. They got to go see a movie today so I think they
had fun. Now they are trying to settle down for the night--I
think that is going to take awhile. Rehanyn and Tristan have had a good day too. Here are some pics I took today. They love to have their pictures taken--if you couldn't tell. The hardest part about it is that they won't sit still. Otherwise things are going good here. Hope you've had a good day!

Friday, March 14

More artwork

Well, Rehanyn found a Sharpie again and we have more artwork! This time we found it in time to get it off the refrigerator, the TV, and the laminate floor. However, it is still on her nightie and her foot. Today was okay, got the kids to clean up the toy room without a fuss--that's always nice. Jason had to work. Adreyn got to go back to school today. After school I took Adreyn to pick up her new glasses--she is so excited that she can see again! I'm heading off to work in the next few minutes--going in early for a friend, then working all night Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Apparently the NICU is getting busy again so I'm expecting a hectic weekend. Of course that means my boss might have to work with me some this weekend due to short staffing--Hope that doesn't happen! I've been working on the NICU Reunion that is coming up in April--it's about a month away! We've still got to get Tristan registered for Kindergarten in August and get him into preschool in the next couple of weeks. That should be fun too! Oh to have only one kid in the house during the day! I can't wait until next year when all 3 will be in school. I'm looking forward to shopping without them! Better go get ready for work. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12

Quick update

Just got home from working all night--suprisingly all the kids and Jason are still asleep! This never happens--for some reason my kids think that 6:30-7 am is when you are supposed to get up. I think they are crazy--of course I'm not a morning person by any means!

Adreyn is slowly getting better. The antibiotics seem to be working, she is still having headaches and fevers though so no school again today. Spring break is next week and yesterday she told me that she hopes she is better by spring break because it "wouldn't be fair to be sick during Spring Break!" Oh to be that young again.

Our boy is doing good--just till sinus drainage causing coughing in the middle of the night. We got to surprise our pediatrician the other day--Dr Dhoot was worried about a year ago that Tristan might be autistic. Well we had him tested and got the results of "non-conclusive" Well, Tristan is already reading!!! He figured this out on his own--some is of course simple word recognition but that is how reading starts, huh. Dr Dhoot was really impressed with how many words Tristan can read.

Rehanyn is still just as feisty as always--however lately she loves to color--her favorite is those "Color Wonder" markers and books--give her one of those and she will entertain herself for quite awhile. Thank God for Crayola!!! Of course don't let her near a Sharpie marker--I have artwork now on my bedside lampshade, bedroom wall, and did have it on our laminate floor but I found that in time and was able to get it up. There is also Rehanyn's artwork on the TV and Cable Box in the Family Room. She gets around!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Monday, March 10

What a day!!! and night!

Well, I spent last night up with Adreyn who had a severe headache and started running a fever. Of course being a nurse I came up with the worst case scenario and decided that she might have meningitis. (especially since a friend's son was just in the hospital with meningitis). I took her (and the 2 little ones--Jason is still in Illinois) to see Dr. Dhoot (their favorite!!!) and she just has a severe case of Strep throat and can't go back to school until Wednesday. Then after the doctors we went to Kroger to get her prescription filled and on the way home she decided to throw up in the car. Whooo hooo! Of course I'm not the person to throw up around since it really just makes me want to join in--I'm not good at cleaning it up either because I start gagging etc., etc. Anyway--got her antibiotics in her and some Tylenol and now you wouldn't think she was sick--at least until the Tylenol wears off. Luckily Jason's dad will pick him up from the airport so that I don't have to get all 3 kids into the car and risk puke happening again. Boy, will I be glad to see Jason--this weekend with him gone has been hard!!!! I'm so glad I'm not a single mom! Makes me rethink sending him on vacation for his birthday--next time it's my turn!!!

Think about us tonight and pray that Adreyn is able to sleep and not get more headaches. Luckily Dr Dhoot is so great and he checked Rehanyn and Tristan's throats while we were there for Adreyn and they do not have strep throat!

Sunday, March 9

Getting Started

Well, since so many of my friends and family are starting to blog I thought I might join in. However, don't expect me to blog each day--life is too busy! I plan to use this blog to keep everyone updated on our family, our activities, and our work.

It's hard to believe how big our kids are getting. Adreyn is 8 and in 2nd grade and loves school!! Tristan will be 5 in June and should start kindergarten this fall. Our baby, Rehanyn, will be 4 this year, and is definitely not a baby anymore--even though she still thinks that she is a baby "I not a big girl, mommy--I a little girl" :0) I'll try to get some more pictures posted soon. This was taken yesterday on my cell phone so it's not that greatest.