Wednesday, July 14

more dots...

* made porkchops for dinner (had a meeting so Jason made velveeta mac and cheese to go with it). I got rave reviews :-)
* had a great support group meeting at work tonight
*Jason is starting his second job in the looks like they will be pretty flexible and let him pick up work as he is available.
*Adreyn has been doing a great job helping me with the laundry...(still have a mountain to fold but that is what I've planned for tomorrow)
*I need to find recipes for easy lunch ideas...
*I wish the kids weren't so picky
*I need to go to sleep :-)


Tamra said...

I find lunch to be the hardest too. The majority of the time it's peanut butter and honey or sprinkles. And other times it is ritz crackers with tuna, hot dogs, pizza (either homemade cheese or frozen from the store when it goes on sale) very occasionally it is macaroni and cheese, egg salad or fried eggs or egg sandwich. And sometimes I just fill a big platter with stuff like cheese, meat, apple or orange slices, crackers, carrots, chocolate chips, marshmallows, etc. And let them put it on the picnic table and have at it. That's normally their favourite.