Wednesday, July 14

dots...mostly about food...hmmmmm

*I'm working 5 shifts this week (yes, I'm trying to kill myself)
*We are trying to save money so have extremely limited going out to eat (so much that the kids have really noticed)
*Jason is getting very tired of cooking (He's doing more than me this week due to the 5 shifts)
*work is getting busy again...Yay! (that's why I've got the 5 shifts)
*I have a mountain (no I'm not kidding) of laundry to fold...really I should be doing that instead of posting
*Jason is taking the little kids to work with him again today (2 days in a row)...he's not very happy about that!
*we still haven't been able to have the dishwasher fixed so dishes are still being done by hand (mostly Jason's hands)
*The kids are ready for school to start (so are their parents!!!)
*Jason made bread last night (frozen dough loaves) is sooooo yummy!!!!
*I've gotta decide what to make for dinner tonight so I can get the meat out to start thawing
*I would rather go out to dinner :-(


Tamra said...

you've got a good guy there. =) I so know the feeling of getting tired of cooking. but it truly is so much cheaper. hope the dishwasher gets better and the kids miraculously find all sorts of things to do that don't get them in trouble but take hours and hours of their time. =)