Sunday, June 1

Video of the kids

Here's a video of our kids during our outing at the mall. You'll notice Rehanyn being silly and if you listen closely you will hear Tristan saying "I'm hungry" a couple of times. This video was taken on my new phone so I apologize up front for the grainyness. We had stopped at a store before going to the food court and the whole time before we got to the food court Tristan started a chant that consisted of saying "I'm hungry" over and over and over and over and over (get my drift :))

Here's another video of the kids acting silly and reminding me that if I ask a basic question I shouldn't be suprised when I get a basic answer.

Hope you enjoy seeing the kids. If you want you can have 'em :-) Just Kidding!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't see the videos here at work but will look when I get home in AM When did you change the spelling of the kids names. Hadn't noticed before. Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!
The kids are adorable, and have grown and changed so much! :)

PS - Let Mom know, or if shes reading this I check her blog often, but cannot leave comments because I dont have a blog account, and does not accept anonymous comments. Sorry. :(