Thursday, June 5

Hello to our cousins!!!

The kids wanted to say hello to their cousins and tell them about their day. Here ya go!!! :-)

Sorry about the finger up the nose in rehanyn's video--what can I say--she's 3


Tamra said...

great videos. The girls are napping now so i'll let them see after they get up. Sounds like Adreyn had a great last day of 2nd grade. Sorry I missed her again on MSN.

ps the word verification is like 10 letters long!! and I totally didn't do it right. =)so it gave me another 10 letter long "word"

Anonymous said...

The kids loved seeing Adreyn, Tristan and Rehanyn! Meghan said "Their baby talks now!" I guess it has been a while since we have seen you, huh?!? So fun to see how the kids change!
Thanks for sharing! ;)