Thursday, June 5

Rehanyn's haircut!!!

Okay, I finally did it! I got Rehanyn's hair cut. We cut about 8 inches or so off. She loves it and it is very cute. I'm also happy that it is still a bit curly around her face and on the edges in the back. I'm wondering what it will do after I wash it.

(notice Tristan goofing off in the background)

Silly face (she won't stay still!!!)


Tamra said...

that bottom picture still shows curl. I bet it'll be curlier after you wash it. Very cute. And nice for summer too.

grammynurse said...

Looks good Maybe fuller too. Looking forward to next week. Not sure if it's San Antonia or just not working

Anonymous said...

Her hair looks very cute! Such a little lady!