Sunday, June 15

Adreyn's story

Adreyn wrote this story on vacation. Enjoy!

The Fairy
by A. Halbmaier

Ones upon a time I saw a Fairy. The Fairy's name was diamond. She was a diamond fairy. There was another fairy named Cristal. She was a cristal fairy. the only thing different about these two fairys is there necklaces. A cristal fairy's necklace has a cristal on it. A diamond fairy's necklacse has a diamond on it. Diamond meet cristal and became friends. But at first they did not get along. Diamond said to cristal that necklaces is egly! Hey! said diamond. You get back here! What did you just say? I said you get back here. Why you! Then they fought! Then thier moms came. You two make friends or you are grounded! Do you want to make friend? Ok! and thats how they became friends and they lerned something. Thier mothers ground them.
The End

Hope you enjoyed it!


Tamra said...

great story Adreyn!! Catie keeps asking if you're awake or in bed so she can talk to you again! Talk to you soon