Sunday, June 29

Our week in review

Okay, here goes. I worked last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I slept Monday for awhile and I believe I picked up Adreyn from my mom's house after VBS (I don't really remember much) :-) Then if I remember right I took Adreyn to her friend Devyn's house for a playdate. Tuesday--I think I took it easy--just did some laundry and took the video's of the kids. Adreyn was at VBS that day too and Rehanyn, Tristan and I picked her up. Thanks mom and dad for picking up Adreyn each morning and taking her to VBS! Adreyn had another VBS to go to that night! Wednesday I had a 7:30am meeting, a 9:30am meeting, then had to get my TB test and then picked up Adreyn from VBS on my way home. Jason dropped the kids off at moms house and I took Adreyn there so I could help mom with her blog page. Then we went home for naps. The kids got 1 1/2 hour naps--mommy got about 20 minutes :-( (Adreyn went to VBS again) Then I had a 5:30pm NICU Support Group meeting at work and after that was over I worked all night. Needless to say I was exhausted Thursday morning. However, I had a 7:30am meeting that morning (it was my impression that the meeting was to last about an hour) well, the meeting was 3 hours with a lawyer talking about labor relations and unions. We finally got out of there at 10:30am. Thankfully, mom picked Adreyn up from VBS and kept her until Uncle Phil and Aunt Tasha took her to her night time VBS. I got to sleep until 7:00pm and felt a bit better :-). I went to work at 1am that night. Friday I slept in the morning and then just took it easy and did more laundry. I don't remember how Adreyn got home from VBS that day (I think someone other than me picked her up. Does that make me a bad mom?) Anyway--we went out to dinner at Red Robin that night (it was nice to go out as a family) plus--it's Rehanyn's favorite. Whenever you ask Rehanyn what she wants for dinner she answers "mac-a-roni an cheese from Wed Wobin" And when we are there she has to order her own food--doesn't let mommy order for her!
Saturday was just another lazy day--more laundry of course! Adreyn is being a big help with emptying the dryer, switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer, starting the dryer and filling the washer for me. Tristan has been feeling under the weather this week--tummy troubles. I think he is finally better but now Rehanyn has it--poor little ones. Sunday (today) we went to a new church for Sunday School and really enjoyed it. We have been looking for a church where we feel comfortable and like we fit in and we may have found it. One of my friends goes there and recommended it and it has great programs for the kids and we enjoyed the sunday school class. We are planning to go back. The rest of the day was spent quietly and the kids and Jason got naps in. :-) Just in case anyone was wondering why I didn't go into detail about Jason's week is that his job kept him extremely busy all week and he took care of the kids while I worked so he didn't get to do anything really exciting this week. Oh--he did get to take his boss to the airport on Saturday evening--that exciting enough?

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our week, and that you have a great week this week!!!


Tamra said...

now that's a very busy week. I got tired just reading it. I don't know how you (and Tasha and other mamas) work full time while raising little ones. I get tired just doing the raising. =) Hope to see you online soon. feel like I haven't talked to you or mom for ages. miss ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
We liked hearing about your summer. Conrad, Rainer, and I have VBS next week. We are doing well. Conrad is getting his cast off this week, and we will probably take the kids swimming soon! We went to a splash pads park with the cast on and that was difficult trying to keep it dry. Jerry and the rest of us are looking forward to doing a few family biking adventures soon. We are so happy you all got to go on vacation, but we are sorry sickness went through the family. Conrad wanted to say he loves you and the kids! God Bless and we love reading your blog!