Tuesday, May 27

Henna Art

Isn't it pretty? Okay, Dad don't freak out! By now you know it's only temporary :-)

Yes, it's temporary. It stays this dark for a couple of days and then starts fading. I like the temporary part of it. I can always change it up and get something different if I want it :-)
See how it looks like a butterfly--it was meant to be a flower but I love that it looks like a butterfly. Mom should love it too :-)
see, there's one on my finger that looks like a butterfly too.
Can you believe that it took my friend Tas only about 10 minutes to get this design on my hand?
I think this is my favorite of all the designs she's done for me :-) Thanks, Tas!!!


Tamra said...

we saw them do henna hand art on playschool yesterday so Catie thinks it is really nice. =)