Thursday, June 12

San Antonio/The Alamo

We arrived in San Antonio on Wednesday around 5pm. We checking into our hotel, cleaned up a little and then went to the Riverwalk for dinner.

Here is one of the "gondolas" for the riverboat tours. More about this in a later post :-)

Here's my boys.

The Alamo at night
The Alamo again--funny story. Rehanyn has heard us talking about the Alamo recently and has decided that we were going to see "Elmo". She has been asking to see "Elmo" repeatedly and now thinks that the Alamo is "Sesame Street" and "Elmo" lives there. We can't seem to change her mind--so this is Sesame Street and Elmo lives in there--in case you were wondering. Also, Adreyn told me that she doesn't want to go in the Alamo because she was pretty sure there were dead bodies in there and she doesn't want to see them. Don't know where she got that from but okay--whatever.
They also have horse drawn carriage rides around the Alamo and surrounding areas--they were so pretty (lit up with christmas lights) I tried to get pictures but couldn't get them to turn out very well. I'll try another time.

Overall a great time but we were sooooo ready to go to sleep!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! How fun!