Friday, June 13

Sea World

Thursday we went to Seaworld. We had alot of fun but it was really, really HOT!!! We got back to the hotel with extremely tired kids, sunburns (with 50 spf on), tired legs, sore feet, and blisters.

Here's the kids eating breakfast before we leave for SeaWorld

SeaWorld Gate
Just before we go in. Adreyn would like for everyone to notice her really COOL Hannah Montana shirt (mom is excited because I got it for $5!)

Our first animal "encounter" was the dolphins. I just love dolphins. Here they just swim and play and every now and then you get to see them up close. Really close :) Adreyn actually touched one!

Here's the momma dolphin and her 5 day old baby dolphin--they didn't really surface much but you could see them pretty well under the water.

Okay--more pictures on the next blog


Anonymous said...

Hey Adreyn, Tristan, and Rehanyn!!! Looks like you are having a blast!!! :) Love your Shirt Adreyn! ;) And love your sunglasses Tristan and Rehanyn.
~Auntie Deb