Friday, June 13

More SeaWorld / Dad/Grandpa gets WET!!!!!

Here are more SeaWorld pics--the first two are of the Coral Reef.

See the 2 Stingrays? Okay, here's the story behind "Grandpa gets WET!!!" See the blue box-looking thing on the right side of the picture? See the water spraying out of it? See the guy in the orange cap and blue coveralls? Well, the box-thingy had a few other box thingys that it sprayed water back and forth with (one was right next to where Grandpa was sitting) Anyway, we were enjoying the water show before the Beluga whale show. Then that guy in the blue coveralls began trying to "fix" the "water leak". Anyway, his antics go on and on and finally he is up on the blue box thingy next to Grandpa and another box is spraying water at the box by grandpa. Suddenly the guy grabs Grandpa's baseball cap off his head and uses it to try to "catch" the water. (of course it overflows onto the lady in front of the blue box thingy.) Then--you guessed it probably--Grandpa's cap ends up being held over his head and then dumped right on him--full of water. Grandpa was DRENCHED!!!! It sure made us and Grandma laugh though. We love you Grandpa!!!!
Here's Grandpa after he got drenched. Sorry--we were laughing so hard we couldn't get pictures before :)


Tamra said...

haha, too funny that Dad got wet. Looks like fun. At least it helped cool him off. =)

Anonymous said...

:) :) :) Aww - How fun!!! Wish we could ALL Be there! Looks like you are having a Super Wonderful time!