Friday, July 11

Man, it's been a long time!!!

It's been awhile since I wrote on here. Oh, well, that's life I guess :-) Jason and I have been busy working. All of the kids have had tummy troubles this past week--no fun for anyone in the family. Tristan and Rehanyn have been having a good time playing with each other this week. Of course, we are going through a bratty stage with both of them right now--I guess that's part of being 3 and 5 years old. Rehanyn has been spending lots of time in time out this week. She is getting used to it though apparently since she started putting herself in time out when she misbehaved. :) She is goofy! Tristan has been doing great--he gets easier and easier to understand and his speech improves all the time. It's still hard to believe that he turned 5 last month. Adreyn spent this week at a church day camp "Kidz Praize Dayz" and was part of the choir. The performance was tonight. The play was about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. It was really cute and Adreyn did a great job. She learned all the songs and hand motions and really had a good time! To celebrate after the play we went to Red Robin for dinner. And the best part--we had dinner late and no one took naps today so bedtime was a breeze!!!!! :)

Here's a few pictures from today.