Thursday, September 23


My list to accomplish today (yes it's 2am)

*sleep  was in bed by 3am and slept until 11am!!!!
*finish laundry ***working on this...will probably take today and tomorrow to get finished....***
*plan dinner (swiss steak...yum!)...and try to plan ahead for dinner this weekend while I work ***I'm thinking that BBQ pork ribs, chicken and rice sound I need to pick one more meal then we are good for the weekend!***
*find recipes for some easy healthy snacks to make and have at home (Adreyn takes snack to school each day...for morning snack since lunch for her isn't until 1pm)...***found to get the stuff to make them!***
*of course...after cooking I'll then need to do dishes (or I may leave the dishes to Jason, hehe)

Now, I just need to manage to get to sleep tonight so I can accomplish stuff today!