Wednesday, September 1


Yesterday was Rehanyn's 6th birthday...where have the years baby is no longer a baby! We had a good time and took her out to Rainforest Cafe for her birthday...she had the "macaroni as usual" there :-) She got a "big girl" doll and loves that it has regular clothes and pajamas to wear!

So, I'm on a "staycation" right now. I always take about 10 days off this time of year since the girls birthdays are only 5 days apart and it's too hard working nights to fit shifts in around their birthdays. Now, last week, shifts were hard to come by at work...we had low census and everyone was freaking out about getting their shifts. I figured out what the problem was...I wasn't on staycation yet...AS SOON as I left work monday for my 10 days off...the unit exploded with admits...last night they had 17 babies in our 16 bed unit! So, I've decided that to help all my friends with shifts...I'll just stay home from now on so that the unit stays busy :-) LOL I've already been told that I have to come back next week!!!!

Other than that there isn't much exciting going on here. I've been getting caught up on laundry, trying to help with dishes, and cooking ALOT more than usual. It's been fun researching recipes though :-)

Adreyn has a friend coming to stay the night on Friday and then her birthday is on Sunday...she is very excited!

Tristan is doing well with school. This teacher is keeping us updated daily on his progress so that is a plus. Maybe the school actually found the right teacher for him this year...we shall see!