Monday, September 27

Days off!!!!

I've got 2 days off.  So now I get to be a good wife and mommy.  In the next 2 days I get to:

* go grocery shopping
* cook dinner
* make snacks
* do laundry...started
* dishes...jason is keeping up on this
* do homework with the kids...not much homework this week
* organize my coupon book sorta
* spend time with my honey
* Oh, my favorite!!!  I get to make the last payment on Jason's car!!!!!!

Hopefully, I can get it all done in just a couple days...cause, that's all I have before going back to work for 4 days.  I'm working lots of overtime lately...I'm enjoying the paychecks but missing the time with my family.  It will be nice when work evens out a bit and I can do a couple of weeks without extra shifts.  Of course that probably won't happen until my week off after Thanksgiving.  (I'd like to have the week of Thanksgiving off...but I didn't pick the right career for that...surprisingly enough, hospitals don't close on holidays, and people have babies on holidays. Heehee!)