Sunday, September 19

I guess I should post something, huh???'s been over a week since I blogged.  At least, I've been busy, right???

I went back to work on the 9th, then I worked the next 4 NOT the smartest way to come back from vacation.  We were so busy too that there just wasn't a lot of time to catch up with my friends at work :-)

Then I had one night off and went back for 3 more shifts.  So, 7 12-hour shifts in 8 days.  I've been doing lots of sleeping!

The kids have been doing really well with school.  Even Tristan has been having a good year so far...thank God!!!  Adreyn auditioned for Choir and got in!!!  So, we have some different choir events that we will be attending this year.   Rehanyn has only gotten one red check this year (they use a green/yellow/red system in her classroom)  and it was for TALKING...surprise, surprise!

We are looking forward to Tamra and family coming to visit in several weeks!  The kids really want to see their cousins!!!!

I made a cake this weekend was for one of my NICU babies :-)


Tamra said...

Yay for Tristan having a great year! Yay for Adreyn getting in the choir. And Yay for Rehanyn curbing the talking a bit. =)

my kids are so excited about seeing their cousins that they jump up and down whenever they talk about it. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that we're really looking forward to it too. =)

grammynurse said...

Just because you have a blog doesn't mean you have to post something. I'm a testimony of that. However, I missed your five question Friday post!! What a usy week for you. Glad you got optioned one of them.