Tuesday, September 7

dot, dot, dot!

* my "staycation" is almost over and I've been called 2 times now to see if I want to pick up shifts
* the girls birthday party (Adreyn, Rehanyn, and Ashleigh) was fun over at Tasha's house. It was nice to spend time with family
* Jason realized the other day that staying home all day with the kids...is frustrating. :-)
* I'm really not looking forward to going back to work...I miss my friends but it's been kind of nice being home at night
* I've almost got laundry caught up again...just in time to go back to work and let it get behind again
* I need to make more of the meatballs that I made last week...it was a new recipe and it was really yummy!!!!!
* I have lots of recipes to try...not gonna have time...good thing I bookmarked them
* I stole the idea from "dot" points from Tamra
* Rehanyn got in trouble at school today for...talking...this does not surprise me, what does surprise me is how long it took to happen.
* Adreyn is figuring out that 5th grade is harder than 4th grade and that it is very important to turn in your work and to do your homework.
* Tristan is doing okay...I'm probably gonna try to plan a teacher conference in the next couple of weeks though just to make sure things are going ok and to keep in the teachers face :-)
* I can't think of much else
* oh, and I LOVE this new background!!!!