Friday, March 21

Pictures of our Kids

Here's a pic of my 3 rugrats today. Why can't they all look at the camera at the same time?

Here's Adreyn--she is at that stage where she's not sure exactly how to smile for the camera

Tristan--he's very proud of his Pokemon shirt. Pokemon is his obsession lately.

Here's Rehanyn being goofy with the Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Here's a pic of all three--of course they are all doing something different. Notice that the girls' outfits match--they think it's fun to be twinkies

And here's the baby--Molly, our chocolate lab--of course our baby IS over 100 pounds :-)

Jason is very excited--today we finally got the Sweet Gum Trees in the front yard cut down. They have frustrated Jason every year that we have lived here. He's practically jumping up and down for joy.

We wish everyone a very, very Happy Easter!!!


wanissa said...

the kids are getting so big. tell adreyn i love her new glasses. call me tonight i dont want to wake you.