Wednesday, March 12

Quick update

Just got home from working all night--suprisingly all the kids and Jason are still asleep! This never happens--for some reason my kids think that 6:30-7 am is when you are supposed to get up. I think they are crazy--of course I'm not a morning person by any means!

Adreyn is slowly getting better. The antibiotics seem to be working, she is still having headaches and fevers though so no school again today. Spring break is next week and yesterday she told me that she hopes she is better by spring break because it "wouldn't be fair to be sick during Spring Break!" Oh to be that young again.

Our boy is doing good--just till sinus drainage causing coughing in the middle of the night. We got to surprise our pediatrician the other day--Dr Dhoot was worried about a year ago that Tristan might be autistic. Well we had him tested and got the results of "non-conclusive" Well, Tristan is already reading!!! He figured this out on his own--some is of course simple word recognition but that is how reading starts, huh. Dr Dhoot was really impressed with how many words Tristan can read.

Rehanyn is still just as feisty as always--however lately she loves to color--her favorite is those "Color Wonder" markers and books--give her one of those and she will entertain herself for quite awhile. Thank God for Crayola!!! Of course don't let her near a Sharpie marker--I have artwork now on my bedside lampshade, bedroom wall, and did have it on our laminate floor but I found that in time and was able to get it up. There is also Rehanyn's artwork on the TV and Cable Box in the Family Room. She gets around!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!