Monday, March 10

What a day!!! and night!

Well, I spent last night up with Adreyn who had a severe headache and started running a fever. Of course being a nurse I came up with the worst case scenario and decided that she might have meningitis. (especially since a friend's son was just in the hospital with meningitis). I took her (and the 2 little ones--Jason is still in Illinois) to see Dr. Dhoot (their favorite!!!) and she just has a severe case of Strep throat and can't go back to school until Wednesday. Then after the doctors we went to Kroger to get her prescription filled and on the way home she decided to throw up in the car. Whooo hooo! Of course I'm not the person to throw up around since it really just makes me want to join in--I'm not good at cleaning it up either because I start gagging etc., etc. Anyway--got her antibiotics in her and some Tylenol and now you wouldn't think she was sick--at least until the Tylenol wears off. Luckily Jason's dad will pick him up from the airport so that I don't have to get all 3 kids into the car and risk puke happening again. Boy, will I be glad to see Jason--this weekend with him gone has been hard!!!! I'm so glad I'm not a single mom! Makes me rethink sending him on vacation for his birthday--next time it's my turn!!!

Think about us tonight and pray that Adreyn is able to sleep and not get more headaches. Luckily Dr Dhoot is so great and he checked Rehanyn and Tristan's throats while we were there for Adreyn and they do not have strep throat!


Tamra said...

oh, poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. Glad that the other two don't have it.

Anonymous said...

Tell Adreyn we hope she feels better fast!
And good luck Momma! Taking care of sick kiddos is no fun, and a lot of work. Hang in there.