Sunday, March 9

Getting Started

Well, since so many of my friends and family are starting to blog I thought I might join in. However, don't expect me to blog each day--life is too busy! I plan to use this blog to keep everyone updated on our family, our activities, and our work.

It's hard to believe how big our kids are getting. Adreyn is 8 and in 2nd grade and loves school!! Tristan will be 5 in June and should start kindergarten this fall. Our baby, Rehanyn, will be 4 this year, and is definitely not a baby anymore--even though she still thinks that she is a baby "I not a big girl, mommy--I a little girl" :0) I'll try to get some more pictures posted soon. This was taken yesterday on my cell phone so it's not that greatest.


Tamra said...

Hey, cool. Glad to see you're joining the awesome world of bloggers. =) Looking forward to seeing more pics of the kids. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Look at the kids!! Wow they have grown so much! Looking forward to checking your blog often! ;) We sure miss you, and this will be a nice way to feel more closely connected.
~Deb (Todd and kids too)