Friday, March 14

More artwork

Well, Rehanyn found a Sharpie again and we have more artwork! This time we found it in time to get it off the refrigerator, the TV, and the laminate floor. However, it is still on her nightie and her foot. Today was okay, got the kids to clean up the toy room without a fuss--that's always nice. Jason had to work. Adreyn got to go back to school today. After school I took Adreyn to pick up her new glasses--she is so excited that she can see again! I'm heading off to work in the next few minutes--going in early for a friend, then working all night Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Apparently the NICU is getting busy again so I'm expecting a hectic weekend. Of course that means my boss might have to work with me some this weekend due to short staffing--Hope that doesn't happen! I've been working on the NICU Reunion that is coming up in April--it's about a month away! We've still got to get Tristan registered for Kindergarten in August and get him into preschool in the next couple of weeks. That should be fun too! Oh to have only one kid in the house during the day! I can't wait until next year when all 3 will be in school. I'm looking forward to shopping without them! Better go get ready for work. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the updates. I didn't know you were there. Mom

kirkens said...

Shopping without kids??? what's that?