Tuesday, March 18

Another day

Well, Spring Break is in full force--of course it rained all day
today. Adreyn has had a friend over today and has been
having fun. They got to go see a movie today so I think they
had fun. Now they are trying to settle down for the night--I
think that is going to take awhile. Rehanyn and Tristan have had a good day too. Here are some pics I took today. They love to have their pictures taken--if you couldn't tell. The hardest part about it is that they won't sit still. Otherwise things are going good here. Hope you've had a good day!


Tamra said...

Wow, the kids are getting so big. Something about Tristan reminds me of Grandpa Ted.
Catie's quilt was so easy just time consuming. I cut 8 inch squares of the fabric for the top, fleece for the middle and flannel for the back. I think it's 9 x 13 squares so 117 squares or so. anyway, then I sewed fabric sandwiches by sewing one inch inside each side. Does that make sense? a square within a square. Gwen does it by stitching an X across the whole thing. Anyway, once you have all those done you lay them out and start sewing them together in strips. You sew them wrong sides together so the seams are on the right side. I just resew them along the seams I already made. Then you sew all the strips together the same way with wrong sides together. Then comes the really long part. The sitting and cutting all those seams into fringe. Then you wash it, be sure to check it because it produces a LOT of lint. Then dry it with a tennis ball in the dryer too. This helps the fringe do what it is supposed to. Does that make sense? Let me know. Have a great day/night whatever it is there =) Love ya

Tamra said...

This might make more sense. http://www.createaprim.com/school/articles/index.php?View=entry&CategoryID=24&EntryID=34

Anonymous said...

Hello Tanya,

I enjoy reading your blog. The kids are really growing, and it is so nice to see pictures. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.


theartsymom said...

Welcome to the blog world!
:) Happy Easter. TTS.