Thursday, January 6

not happy

I'm not happy that my sister and her family are going back to Australia on Friday and I don't feel like I got to spend enough time with her.  My kids are going to miss their cousins!!!!

I'm not happy that Jason is going up to Illinois for a weeklong trip and I'm gonna get to stay home with the kids.  I mean, I'm glad he gets to go visit family but I'm not too sure about this single mom thing. 

I'm not happy that we had a huge phone argument with Verizon this morning...uggg....we are soon gonna get a new internet and cable provider, I think!

BUT, I am SOOOOO HAPPY that Tristan's school ARD meeting went well yesterday.  We got good reports from all the therapists and his teacher had great things to say too!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

:-( SO sad!!!
I am not a happy camper these past couple days either.
I am down-right ANGRY that we did not get to see Tamra, Josh, Catie, Emma, Beka, and Nathan while they have been in the States. So, I can totally relate. Life just really is not fair sometimes.
I am sorry you dont get to go along on the trip with Jason. If you ever need an ear, or to vent or whatever while he is away ... feel free to hollar at me. I've been there, done that.
Happy to hear that things are going well this year for Tristan at school. What a blessing!!
Here is a virtual hug for you! Love you lots -Deb