Tuesday, January 11

Alone and busy :-) LOL

So, Jason left on Saturday for a week in Illinois.  So, I've been a "single" mom for a few days and I'm soooo glad I only have to do this for a week.  The kids are doing well, and they aren't really any more work than usual, but it is nice to be able to share the work with someone else.  I'm glad I was able to take the time off of work to stay home with them...It would be much more difficult if I was working nights and on my own!

Here's my FaceBook Status from yesterday...my kids are so silly!

sayings of the day: Adreyn "okey, dokey, artichokey", Tristan "Mommy, you are sooo cute!", Rehanyn "Being a mommy is ALOT of work, huh"
So, tonight we are going with Adreyn to a choir performance.  They will be singing the National Anthem at the Texas Tornadoes Hockey game in Frisco.  Mom and Dad are going with us, it should be fun.  Tomorrow probably won't be fun though as we will be getting home late tonight.  
Jason is doing well and getting to reconnect with some old friends.  I'm looking forward to him coming home!