Saturday, January 29

Another family update

I'm writing this EARLY Friday morning to post on Saturday (I have another post scheduled for Friday morning).  Just thought I'd give an update on what is going on around here.

Rehanyn...Well, Ree has been doing great at school.  She has a smart mouth that has been getting her in trouble lately.  One of the things she has been doing lately is saying "what" whenever you say something to her so that you have to repeat what you said.  Tonight I told her something and she said "What?" I kinda snapped at her and had her tell me what I said and she repeated what I said word for word.  I told her that she needs to listen the first time and we weren't going to keep repeating ourselves.  She nodded and went back to the back room.  A minute later she came up to me and told me she needed to tell me something.  She said, "I wanted to remind you that I have a very special hearing problem, you need to remember that"  Her "hearing problem" is SELECTIVE HEARING!!!!!  She's a sweetie though so we love her anyway!  Rehanyn spent almost a week out of school with a bronchitis but she is better now...but a little addicted to cough drops.  Apparently cough drops fix anything.

Tristan...T got to go see his "favowite" Dr D today.  Tristan has missed 2 days of school this week due to the same stuff Ree had (she shared).  He is back on neb treatments and antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Dr D did say that he can go back to school on Friday though.  His school work is going well, I'll have to post pictures of his handwriting...that has come a LONG way this year.  He's also articulating much better.  Now to just work on his posture and foot shuffling.  I also want to start working on his hand strength.  I need to make an appointment for him with the developmental pediatrician we found...maybe we can get him diagnosed and find some new therapies for him.  I'm still leaning toward Sensory Processing Disorder for his just fits best...we shall see.

Adreyn...A is doing well in school, as usual.  It's nice that school so far has been easy for her.  She loves being in choir and performing.  In the next couple of months she gets to go to the Middle School she will attend for a "recruiting concert" for the choir.  The Middle school is the one that hosted the group concert around Christmas and has an awesome music program.  Adreyn is LOVING the Kindle she got for's getting more use than her DS most days!  I love to see her reading!  Adreyn hasn't gotten sick yet...hopefully she won't!

Jason...Well, J is getting busy again with work.  Today he took his boss to the airport (M will be gone 10 days) and on the way to the airport got told that M was leaving him in charge of the business while he's gone.  While J has done this before it would have been nice to know in advance because Jason was planning on working quite a bit today (and had already organized his work accordingly) and instead had to spend lots of time making sure everything was in order and everyone was doing their jobs.  Jason had to go back to the doctor this week too.  He still isn't over the crud he brought back from Illinois.  He has a Z-pak and seems to be getting a bit better...he also got some of the good cough medicine (we had just run out).  He has been kind enough though to share the crud with me...

Tanya...I didn't get as sick as Jason did but just kind of have the tickle in my throat, stuffiness, and such.  Having the week off while Jason was in Illinois was good but I was glad to get back to work.  Work is finally slowing down a bit (the unit census isn't at max) so that is nice.  Today I had a work meeting for the Reunion Committee.  We've decided on a Camping Theme for this should be lots of fun!  We brainstormed for about 2 hours and came up with lots of ideas.  The cakes should be pretty cute too.  I'm sure we will have at least 400 guests again...that has been our average the last few years...of course we were lots busier this year so may have more this year.  My New Year Resolutions (not really, but kinda) were to keep up on the laundry and dishes...Jason is helping out with the dishes far we are doing pretty well...the laundry is a bit behind right now because I haven't been feeling well but I'm gonna get it caught up tomorrow before I work all weekend.  I can't wait until we get our Tax Refund this year because Jason has said we can get an upright freezer.  With this I can buy meat/groceries in bulk when they are on sale and freeze them and hopefully I'll also have room to cook ahead and freeze meals so that dinner prep/planning will go more smoothly. 

So, there is the update...nothing real exciting but there you have it :-)


Abramyan Avenue said...

My goodness it sounds like you've had your hands full lately. I hope everyone starts feeling better. It's hard when the momma is not feeling well. It seems like everything gets behind. My youngest doesn't have SELECTIVE She has a CORRECTIVE order. She has to correct everything you say. Every little tiny mistake. And it gets so annoying. She corrects each joke, each mistake, any little sarcasm. But if you correct her back, lord help you! Haha. I just keep thinking "This too shall pass." I hope y'all get better! Take care.