Friday, February 4


Has another week already gone by???  It's been CRAZY here in N.Texas!  The kids haven't been to school since Monday...not because they are sick but because they've had 4 (yes 4) snow days in a row!  Tuesday we had freezing rain for about 12 hours followed by snow.  Then Wednesday it was just really, really cold (didn't get above 20 degrees) and the roads were a bit treacherous (Texas doesn't have salt and snow plows, you know!).  Wednesday was more of the same but they added in rolling blackouts to conserve energy (I never though I'd be thankful for living down the street from an ER and a hospital...I think that's why we didn't actually have blackouts at our house since we are so close to the "priority" places).  I went to work Wednesday...the roads weren't too bad...there were ruts worn in the ice so it was really pretty safe to drive (plus, I used to live/drive in Minnesota...I'm more worried about the other TX drivers than I am about my ability to drive in this stuff).  Got home easily Thursday morning, slept and then back to work Thursday night...still pretty easy to drive into work...other than the other drivers :-).  It started snowing while I was at work and we had accumulated about 3-4 inches by the time I got to drive home.  I got the joy of staying at work until 9am since we had a no-show at work and one other person who had some difficulty getting there (but made it by 9)  I got home around 9:30 or so...the snow had done a great job of covering up the ruts in the ice so once again no one could figure out exactly where to drive...haha.  Got home and started lunch for the kids (chicken and had to cook for 1.5 hours) while Jason was rotating the tires on his car (he needed to go to work since he had been home with the kids all week.  Jason left for work around 10 or so after many reminders from me to "drive safely".  at 10:45 I got a call from Jason that he was stuck in a subdivision and unable to get out (had to go uphill to get out and couldn't get the momentum he needed because of some crazy people who decided to go for a walk with their dog and baby and stepped out in front of him).  While I was on the phone with him he decided to try one more time (he was using his bluetooth...handsfree calling) and suddenly all I hear him say is "oh, no, oh, no, oh, no"  My heart dropped...but it was fine he just slid around a little bit!  He wasn't able to get out of the subdivison so I piled the kids in the car and off we went to pick up daddy.  Jason ended up walking 2 miles out of the subdivision to one of the main roads so that we could pick him up...we made good time and actually got there to the turn-off just as he trudged up.  On the way back home we got stopped while a truck pulled another vehicle out of the ditch...the one he was pulling had just passed me going the other direction driving about 45 miles an hour.  It looked like he just slid off the road and sideswiped a phone I said...lots of TX people have no clue how to drive in this stuff!!!!  Glad that I wasn't close by when that happened!  We got home...had lunch and then I got to get to bed and sleep about 4 hours or so.  I'm looking forward to getting back to bed in a little bit and I'm really happy that I don't have to go back to work until Monday! 

It is pretty crazy that it is supposed to snow again tonight but should actually get above freezing tomorrow and sunday...but we are supposed to get more snow next week again...this is crazy weather for Texas!!!!!