Wednesday, October 20


We had fun this past weekend.  Saturday Adreyn got to go to a friend's block party...sounds like it was a great time.  While she was there we took the other 2 to Red Robin for dinner and then went to Walmart.  I found winter coats for the kids for only $14 each!

On Sunday afternoon Adreyn had a birthday skating party to attend so while she was at the party Jason, Tristan, Rehanyn and I went to Main Event and played some arcade games and an hour of bowling.  It was lots of fun. 

Since then, I've been working, Jason has been getting sick with allergies, Adreyn has been being lazy with keeping her school stuff organized, Tristan has been doing good at school but dealing with LOTS of allergies, and Rehanyn has been getting in a bit of trouble at home (any ideas for dealing with a child who is hiding food????) 

We've been enjoying our family time lately!!!!


grammynurse said...

Maybe you could ask Todd or Tasha. Tasha hid it so to not eat it - Todd hid it to eat in bed. Just an idea