Monday, October 25


stuff is going on...i hope it might get more just isn't interesting stuff.  It's life, and work, and just plain stuff...kinda boring stuff.  Without saying too has been kinda sad lately.  I hate that!!!! 

I've been working at least 4 shifts a week.  So I'm getting pretty tired.  This week I have 2 night-shifts scheduled and an office day and NICU support group on the same day as the office day., and then a class that starts at 8am on friday after I get off of work at 7am.  Hopefully I can stay awake for the class?!?!?!?!?!?!  But then I actually have a 3 day weekend off.  I am looking forward to that!!!!

Jason is sick...probably a sinus infection caused by allergies but it always hits him pretty hard and makes him feel pretty yucky.  Tristan is starting in with his sinus stuff but overall is doing okay.  Rehanyn has a nice cough but actually didn't need medicine tonight so hopefully that is getting better.  Adreyn is doing good :-)

Tamra and family are coming to the states in 18 days...looking forward to seeing them!!!!