Sunday, October 31


We spent Saturday afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch with Tasha and her kids.  Tristan loved that they had a section with Pokemon characters...that will be an additional photo post I think.  He was so excited to get his picture taken!!!
Then on Sunday Tasha and her family came to our neighborhood for Trick or Treating.  We had a blast!!!!!!

Tristan as a Bakugan Dragonoid
Adreyn as a Vampire
Adreyn's hair all pulled can barely see the red hairspray in her hair
Rehanyn as Strawberry Shortcake..."dark pink hair, please, mom"
I LOVE the freckles :-)
Another view of Tristan
Adreyn, Tristan, Rehanyn, Ashleigh and Justin at the pumpkin patch


The whole crew